Tuesday, January 24, 2012

WIW: Pinterest Inspired

I have a love/hate relationship with all the outfit inspiration on Pinterest. On the one hand, it has challenged me to think through my outfits a little more and I’ve seen combinations that I would have never thought of. On the other hand, I now look at my closet with more disdain and discontentment than ever before. If only I had ___. Or a ____ shirt. Or ____ jeans. I’m guessing I’m not the only one.

pinterest inspired

So for the past few months, I’ve been pinning inspiration while figuring out how to achieve a similar look with what I already have. And when I have some money to go shopping with, I make sure and look at my pinned inspiration for some ideas of what to look for. Here are a few examples of my attempts (and I’m noticing each one involves a scarf)…

pin inspired 1

Scarf: Ruffles ‘n Such. Sweater: Old Navy. Jeans: White House Black Market. Shoes: Sketchers.
I like the sweater/scarf combo, but I definitely think it would look better with some trouser cut jeans and dressier shoes (like the inspiration).

pinned 2

Scarf: Ruffles ‘n Such. Shirt: Ann Taylor (actually came in a pajama set). Vest: Maurices. Jeans: White House Black Market.
I ended up changing into skinny jeans and wearing this with brown boots instead. I liked that look better but forgot to get a picture.

pinned 3

Scarf: Ruffles ‘n Such. Shirt: Rue 21. Cami: Maurices. Skirt: Gap. Boots: Payless.
This outfit wasn’t so much a copy of the inspiration pieces as it was the color scheme. I love all the gray with just a pop of lavender.

pinned 4

Scarf: Ruffles ‘n Such. Shirt: Target. Cami: Maurices. Pants: Free Culture from Olive Boutique. Shoes: Toms.
I also wore my gray asymmetrical jacket with it, and chose to use the turquoise in a scarf instead of clutch.

pinned 5

Scarf: Ruffles ‘n Such (surprise, surprise). Shirt: Target. Cami: Maurices. Jeans: Free Culture from Olive Boutique. Boot Socks: Made from sleeves of a shirt. Boots: Payless.
I really like the navy and gray combo and have tried it with a few other pieces. I think I would also like this look with my Down East Basics jeans and gray flats, more like the inspiration piece.

How about you? Is Pinterest helping or hurting your satisfaction with your wardrobe?

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  1. What cute outfits! I must admit I tend to wear a lot of scarfs too! Your hair looks really cute curled, need to get mine done shorter...And I feel the same, especially with the cute shoes! I can't DIY cute ballet pumps :(

  2. So cute! I think the 2 last outfits are my personal favorites--they're simple and easy to wear but still so chic and stylish. I love it! You do such a great job of interpreting outfits rather than trying to copy them . . . that's when I get frustrated with pinterest, when I realize my closet isn't equipped to copy rather than to interpret ;-) And if you ever feel like doing a hair tutorial for those cute curls, I wouldn't complain . . . I tried to copy your hairstyle the other day and totally looked like Shirley Temple. FAIL!

  3. The outfits are adorable! If I can't find anything I've been known to turn to pinterest for ideas.

  4. Such a great idea. I love the outfits! I love pinterest because I start to like things in my closet that I didn't think were cool anymore. So it's defnitely helping the wardrobe.

  5. Aw, that contentment is a hard thing! I have to watch myself all the time to make sure I am not being a pinographer, but it is fun to make things work like you are doing and I always feel awesome about the things I repurpose! Great job!

  6. I love all of these looks. I really need to make some scarves like these. I hope you'll ad this to my what we wore and made link party over at http://raegunwear.blogspot.com/search/label/WWWMW

  7. Found you from the Real Momma Linky. Love how you've executed your looks from the inspiration photos. I hope you'll swing by our fashion linky and show off your style. Linky is open for a week!


  8. great pinned inspirations. Love the one with the teal scarf!


  9. Love how you showed the pin and your inspired look - and they all turned out great!


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