Saturday, February 25, 2012

Balloon Blowing Made Easy

We had a lot of balloons for Jace’s birthday party. I gave Nolan the job of blowing them up. After maybe two balloons he realized that he was going to quickly get a headache. So he did what he does best, and came up with a better way of getting the job done.


He simply used his air compressor, with the regulator set to a low pressure (somewhere around 10 PSI), using a rubber tipped nozzle, to blow up each balloon. It worked like a charm. And he wasn’t winded or cranky when he was finished. The crazy thing is that almost a month later, the balloons we haven’t popped yet are still just as full as they were the day of the party. No deflating at all. We’re wondering if it has something to do with a lack of the moisture that usually comes with being blown up by someone’s mouth?

jace 5

But ultimately, this little guy loving them was the best part of the whole discovery.

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  1. That is too funny! Shad did the same thing yesterday when we were doing balloons for Bethany's party. It's such a guy thing. And makes perfect sense. You know what they say about great minds...?


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