Thursday, March 29, 2012

Craft Room Dreams & Plans Changed

I think this post title would make a great Wheel of Fortune puzzle in the Before & After category. I must watch a lot of that show considering that’s the first thing that came to mind when I typed it out. Maybe because it’s one of the few adult shows that Jace finds entertaining too—after all, it’s just letters popping up on the screen over and over again. But enough about the title of this post…

Back in July I told you about my craft room dreams and plans. Nolan got a new job, our emergency fund no longer needed to be what it was, and we started making plans to close off the vaulted part of our entry way and turn it into a craft/sewing room for me. A friend of ours is an amazing home remodeler and gave us a bid for the work. It was a little beyond what we had saved, so we planned to save some more and hopefully start the construction this spring.

But then, a few leaks developed above our windows. And we found out the siding on our house was not installed properly back when it was built. The home warranty was void when the original owner sold it to us and it would probably cost too much to try to legally pursue having the builder fix the problem. So now we’re using that money in savings to reside our house.

While my existing craft room still functions perfectly, that’s going to change in about six months. The addition of a new baby to our family will mean needing our guest/craft room for either a nursery or big boy room for Jace. So now I’ll be consolidating one good size room worth of fabric, sewing machines and craft supplies into a half size walk in closet.

Because of this blog and my shop, sewing is a business for me and therefore transforming our dining room table into an occasional crafting space is just not an option. So Nolan is graciously going to move his clothes into my full size walk in closet and give me his half size walk in (our bedroom really has amazing closet space).

I plan to use April to thoroughly go through all my supplies and figure out what is actually necessary to keep on hand and what isn’t. And then I’ll become an organizing queen and turn that little closet into a cute and usable space for all my sewing and crafting needs.

I’m wondering how many of you have done something similar to create your crafting space. If you’re using cramped quarters or a closet, would you share with me what you’ve done? You can tell me or leave a link (if you have one) in the comments, or even email me pictures to nolanandjill {at} gmail {dot} com. I’ve seen quite a few neat office spaces in closets, but much fewer craft/sewing. I’m excited for the challenge and will be sure to include you in the process!

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  1. Good luck on your new plans. When God closes one door, he opens a window...or a closet. :) I have no doubt you will make it work perfectly for you, friend.


    1. Thanks friend! Love the way you worded that :)

  2. My craft room is very small. About 7.5ft X 8.5 ft. I don't know if this is bigger or smaller than what you're working with, but you're welcome to check out my craft room blog post. I had a really hard time finding ideas in how to organize things as well. I am still working on organizing everything, and my husband and I are in the process of building me a craft desk to give me more storage and work space.
    Here is the reveal post, but links are posted in that post for any details you might want.

    I hope it works out well for you. I can't wait to see what you do with the place! Good luck and let me know if you have any questions!

  3. Oooh a craft closet- can't wait to see how you do it! My current craft room is in the basement and I haul everything upstairs to the light to take pictures. However, closet space is something we have even less of than natural light in the basement. Someday, right? :) Every time I find a house I like online, though, I tell Adam, "and the sun room (or attic, or big closet) could be my above ground craft room" hahahahaha! :)
    How are you feeling, friend?


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