Monday, March 5, 2012

More Pinned Yumminess!

I’ve been sitting on the couch for three days now thanks to a bad cold and morning sickness colliding. And while I sit here, two shirts and some fun embellishments that I bought are taunting me to come put them together and show you. I really do miss having projects to share. This little baby inside of me is growing quickly, and I have a feeling that once I get past this cold, I’ll be in full creation mode!

But until then, I thought I’d share a few more recipes that I’ve fallen in love with thanks to Pinterest. I’m not an excessive recipe pinner—I try to stick to things I think I’ll actually make. And when I find a winner, I love to share! Feel free to follow along with me here.


I made these Amazing Apple Pie Bites from Budget Savvy Diva for an Academy Awards party we went to and they were a hit! Seriously, delicious! I made my own pie crust and then melted some cream cheese in with caramel sauce to dip them in. They were so simple (my 4-year-old niece helped me make them) and so, as Budget Savvy Diva titled them, amazing!


I guess I’m on a bit of an apple kick. I saw these apple chips from Delighted Momma and thought they’d make the perfect snack for my family. I cooked them too long (kept thinking they should be crisper when I took them from the oven) and didn’t really care for them. But Nolan still liked them and ate them all.


I’m kind of addicted to the sugar cookies you can buy at the store. I love their thick softness topped with sweet frosting. It’s dangerous for me to walk through the bakery section when I’m hungry. So when I saw this recipe for Lofthouse sugar cookies at Two Peas in Their Pod, I had to make them. Delicious.


These cake batter blondies are wonderful and so easy to make thanks to Two Twenty One. I made them again the other day for my bunko group. I could happily eat them everyday. My only suggestion is to use larger pan than she recommends for the baking. Otherwise, I have issues with the outsides being too done while the insides aren’t done enough.


And to wrap up all these sweets, my most frequently used recipe these days is this Honey Wheat Bread from Baby Jayne’s. I’ve made it almost weekly for about a month and a half now. Nolan and I can go through an entire loaf straight out of the oven it’s so good. Jace loves it for his toast and PB&J. It keeps really nicely. The first batch I made turned out pretty dry, so since then I’ve allowed a little extra honey to pour in and reduced the flour just slightly. I also let the dough rise in the loaf pans in the oven while it’s preheating, and then just bake it for another 20 minutes after that. Turns out perfectly!

Enjoy, and hopefully I’ll be back soon with two simple shirt embellishments!

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  1. I made the apple pie bites this weekend, too! And I agree - AMAZING! Next time, I think I'll try with your idea for a caramel dipping sauce. Yum!


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