Tuesday, March 20, 2012

My DIY Skinny Jeans {Maternity Style}

skinny pants before and after


I’ve become really attached to skinny jeans over the past year, so as I outgrew my normal clothes and had to switch to maternity, I really wanted to find a pair of skinny maternity jeans. Motherhood’s one and only style (in store at least) really didn’t look skinny at the ankles, and the fit was all wrong on me around the waist. I liked the ones I saw online at Gap, but they’re $70 and I was worried they might not look good on, either. So I followed the trend of everyone else online, and turned a pair of boot cut jeans into skinnies.


The beauty of this situation was that I had a pair of Gap Long and Lean maternity jeans that I bought while pregnant with Jace. But they were always just a quarter inch shorter than I like, so I didn’t enjoy wearing them. Thinning the leg made them perfect!


2012-03-17 11.49.37


Most girls I’ve seen just take the legs in at one seam, but my jeans had showed the grain of the material because of their wash, and taking in on just one side would have angled it funny. So I laid out a pair of skinny jeans down the middle of the pant leg, and pinned up both sides to match the width.


2012-03-17 11.55.36


Because the back of your butt/leg has more shape than the front (typically), there was more material on the back of the leg. So I was careful to just work along the seam and not just fold the material in half. Once the pins were in place, I sewed up both sides. I both sewed and serged my seams.


2012-03-18 060


And then I had Gap skinny jeans… just not the ones you can order online!


2012-03-18 039


I was later trying on another pair of my maternity pants, slacks this time, and found they were even shorter than the jeans I had just converted. So I did the same thing to them (only this time I just needed to take in one seam on each leg) and fell in love. This time a cigarette pant was a little more of the look I was going for. Like the top? You’ll learn more about it tomorrow.


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  1. Great idea! Sometimes just looking in your closet you can find what you need to alter and make it great!

    The cigarette pants are gorgeous btw- I may have to try this some of my pants that are too short.

  2. I love cigarette pants and have been desperately trying to find a pair but instead I'm going to look for a pair of ordinary black trousers and take them in. I've got a few skinny jeans that have gone baggy as well so hoping they will take in too!
    Btw I live your top in the first picture - or is it just a jumper with a lacy top underneath? Anyway looks really pretty with the scarf tied that way too :)

    Jenni x

  3. They look great! It's so nice to be able to revive something you wouldn't otherwise wear. I have so many things just sitting in my closet that I never wear . . . I'm trying to go through and alter them so they'll actually get some use. And you look fantastic! Although I'm not surprised that you make a cute pregnant mom :-)


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