Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Simply Embellished Tops

simply embellished tops

A while back I saw (and pinned) Kate from The Small Things Blog wearing a simple t-shirt from J.Crew that had a sweet embellishment around the neck.


I loved the way the little bit of lace and jewels transformed the top. And I figured I could probably dress up a top in the same way. I picked up two tops at Target (went a size bigger than usual since I wanted to be able to wear them well into this pregnancy and after the baby is born) and then some lace and trims at Joann’s. I’m not joking or exaggerating when I tell you it took 15 minutes (max) to make both of these tops.

2012-03-07 009

I started with the white one. I think contrasting trims/shirts would be really cute, but I wanted to keep this one neutral so I could pair it with any color of cardigan or accessory. I used (maybe) half a yard of soft lace and about 6 inches of a rosette trim.

2012-03-07 011

I then pinned the lace to the shirt, starting at the shoulder and to the middle of the neckline, just overlapping/zig-zagging it back and forth.

2012-03-07 012

Then pinned the rosette trim down, just slightly bunching it in on spot.

2012-03-07 019

And, using a wide zig-zag stitch, sewed the trims to the shirt, making sure I didn’t sew the front and back of the top together.

2012-03-07 022

And shirt one was done!

2012-03-07 032

I wish you could see the detail of the trim and lace a little better in the pictures. It really is so pretty in real life!

2012-03-07 014

For the second top I had a little more contrast going on. I chose a black lace with tiny little jewels clustered in spots on it, and a fun sequin trim. This shirt was a v-neck.

2012-03-07 017

Like on the first shirt, I pinned the lace down, doing a slightly wider back and forth folding.
2012-03-07 018

Then pinned the sequin trim down, folding about a centimeter under at both ends to seal them off and sewed it down.

2012-03-07 021

It seriously took less time to sew than pin.

2012-03-07 041

I like the sparkle it adds without being too flashy.

Now I’m itching to go buy more of these fitted t’s at Target (I have some coupons that would make them $5 each) and play with more trim options. I think this time I’ll stick with the round collars because I’m just a bigger fan of them.

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  1. So pretty. I WILL be trying the lace out this week! (as opposed to just pinning!)

  2. you always look so pretty in your photos! i think sometimes the simpler shirts are better, they always get the most use! well done :)

  3. So cute! I love your pretty embellishments-once I get a sewing machine I want to try this!!

  4. Found your blog via pinterest, and I am so glad I did! Looking forward to trying some of your tutorials, I've been looking to vamp up my wardrobe DIY style! I'm your newest follower, and very excited to follow along in the fun!


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