Saturday, April 14, 2012

Ah, Saturday

I’ve noticed Saturdays aren’t quite as fantastic now that I don’t work. I still love them—Nolan’s home all day. But so much is like every other day for me.

Another thing I’ve realized is that now that I’m home full time, I am so content. And I don’t feel the need for therapy any more. Hence the reason I’ve crafted and created much less now that I have more time. Interesting, huh? I get to create just to create now, but that means I also need to motivate myself to create, which takes a little more effort than creating to escape.

I had a craft fail this week. I saw a really cute dried lemon wreath at Days of Chalk and Chocolate and wanted to make one as a bridal shower gift for a friend. I researched drying lemons.

2012-04-09 004

Bought 15 beautiful lemons for under $5.

2012-04-09 007

Sliced them up and set them up to dry.

2012-04-09 012_picnik

Into the oven they went (at a very low temperature) for 2 hours. They were still FAR from dry, so they went back in for another hour. Still not dry, but less moist so I thought I’d dry making the wreath anyways. Yeah, hot glue doesn’t work if there is ANY moisture. So they went back into the oven for another two hours, followed by just sitting in there over night. They were even less moist in the morning, but still not the dried lemons I was hoping for. I tried to put the wreath together anyways, after all, the shower was in a few hours. Once again, fail. So I gave her a Target gift card instead. All this was on Monday/Tuesday. And here we are, it’s Saturday, and my lemon slices STILL aren’t completely dry. And they’re really ugly. Like the peels are a dark brown (probably from baking too much) and the inside is just a lighter shade of brown. I threw away the ugliest ones and saved a few, hoping for some new inspiration.

2012-04-08 016

We had a happy Easter and I enjoyed having us all wearing coordinated outfits. Toby thought he should be a part of the family picture at the last minute and leapt over to join us. A second later, Jace freaked out and the photo session was over.

2011-11-21 023

This is what my craft/guest room can look like on any given day. (I do improve it a bit before someone comes to stay with us. I’m not that bad of a hostess.) This was a “before” picture I took last fall before starting to clean it. While I did get it cleaned up and organized quite a bit, obviously, I never quite reached an “after” point. This room will become the baby’s room or Jace’s big boy room (depending on the gender of the new baby) and everything will be consolidated into Nolan’s closet. My mom flies in this afternoon, and I told her one of the things I want to do while she’s here is to go through the room and PURGE. Everything will have to fit into one of three categories: keep, sell/donate, and throw away. I think she’s salivating over the chance to help with this.

And, in case you were wondering, I have maintained a clean downstairs in my house since Easter. And I’ve enjoyed doing it. That fact may sound trivial to most of you, but for me, it’s huge. Now the upstairs… I should probably go get that taken care of before my mom comes!

Happy Saturday and thanks for stopping by!


  1. gosh...apart from the lemons thing I could have written this post. My rooms are now not looking as messy as yours but they have been in the past. And, now that I am home, I too find I need to search for the inspiration to create... As for the leamons, luckely I live in a very sunny country, I guess in summer, they would be done in a day, outside... heheh*

  2. Jill, once we had an empty nest, I got to use our spare bedroom as my craft/sewing room. I waited a long time for that! Sometimes we call it THE CAVE. I showed your "before" craft room photo to my husband and he laughed saying, "I think you and Jill might have been separated at birth." When I am in create mode, I don't take the time to put everything away. (Just ask Jen T). I love what you create and I love your honesty!

  3. I wonder if you should cover the lemon slices with salt first to draw the excess moisture.

  4. I *LOVE* the picture of your craft room!! You and I have the VERY SAME style! LOL and... I too search for inspiration to create! I can sit, just sit and listen to the quiet and am very content to do so! (I don't get much accomplished doing this however!)


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