Friday, April 6, 2012

Because Sometimes You Can’t [and shouldn’t] Do It All


Today I picked up this maternity dress from Kohl’s as a back up Easter dress. I would love to have my dress that I’ve been working on all ready to go. But yesterday didn’t go as planned (yay pregnancy!) and that was when I planned on doing the bulk of my sewing. We’re hosting Nolan’s family for dinner on Sunday and I have a lot left to do to get the house ready. I’d rather have my house in order than wear a homemade dress. And I’d rather feel like I’ve gone into Easter with the right focus than feel rushed and frazzled and tired. So if I get around to finishing my dress, fantastic. If I don’t, I have something cute to wear and I WILL finish the dress and my The Making of a Dress series next week.


The thing I do love about the dress I picked up is it will go really sweetly with what Jace will be wearing—this sweater vest and polo (also from Kohl’s) with khaki pants. I’ll wear a white cardigan with my dress and have Nolan wear khakis and a white polo and we’ll be quite the cutely coordinated family!

And no, Kohl’s did not sponsor this post in any way. I just love having a coupon to take 20% off already discounted items.

What are you going easy on these days since you, too, probably can’t do it all?


  1. I love that dress! I hope we get to see a family picture!

  2. Cute dress! I saw that dress in the maternity section the other day when I was there and almost mentioned it to you, but figured that you were already making one! Good idea on simplifying, I tend to put too much on my plate for holidays and then don't always enjoy it as much.

  3. I totally feel the same way! I spent like 4 hours working on a handmade dress for myself and totally drafted it without a pattern and then I put it on and I was like... I'm really not sure this is very cute! haha! So... I will probably wear something else and NOT sew everything on my list. I'd rather enjoy family and focus on Jesus and forget about having it all together handmade-wise! :) Good for us!

    P.S. You know people that don't blog don't have these silly stresses! They just BUY things... hahaha!

    1. Ha! Vanessa, you totally made me laugh! Enjoy your Easter!!!

  4. Going easy on...
    Cut corners on most housework
    I don't grade every paper at school
    Sometimes dinner is really really simple

  5. While I would have loved to make our Easter dresses this year and had the boys match, I have long ago learned to take calm and happy over stressed and, Emma wore a dress I found on sale at TJ Maxx, I wore a dress I've had in my closet for years and hardly wear and they guys wore khakis and button-down shirts. No matchy-matchy this year, but the colors all blended nicely together. And everyone had a smile, which makes it even better!

  6. Thank you for the honesty in this post! I completely relate to you on this one. I haven't made a dress for myself in a few years (nursing babies!LOL!) and so wanted to make one for myself this Easter. I measured myself, took the time to trace the pattern, cut out the dress, mostly sewed it, tried it on and had a not so great moment :-) The dress was big all over and looked like a muumuu! At that point I opted to buy a dress to save myself from the stressful frantic rush to alter the dress in time, and to just focus on the reason for the celebration! I can alter the dress later :-)

  7. Wore the same dress yesterday. I had NO time to sew anything.


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