Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Crochet Hook Holder

My mother-in-law is an avid crocheter. I don’t think we’ve had a visit from her lately where she wasn’t accompanied by her crochet bag and an ongoing project. Her birthday was Saturday and I thought the perfect gift for her would be something to hold all of her crochet hooks.

crochet hook holder

It was a simple project, so I had fun adding rick rack and cute ribbon to make it a little more fun. In the picture above, I added some dashed lines so you can see where some of the stitch lines were to create the hook pockets.

2012-04-14 006_picnik

From the outside you can clearly see where all the lines are. I suppose I could have used brown bobbin thread to hide the stitching, but I thought the pink contrast was fun. There are 13 pockets for hooks in graduated sizes, and one larger pocket for her to keep some scissors or a measuring tape.

2012-04-14 009_picnik

Then you just roll it up and tie it with the ribbon. I made it a few inches taller than any of her hooks will be so if she wants to avoid the possibility of the hooks slipping out, she can just fold the top down before rolling it up. I love homemade gifts—especially when they’re simple yet perfect for the person receiving it.

While I didn’t follow or make a tutorial for it, I did find a few online if you’re looking for one. Check out THIS ONE or THIS ONE.

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  1. so cute and simple! :) I love functional AND cute gifts.

  2. Very cute gift, love the ric rac addition! Maybe I'll make something like that to hold my makeup brushes on the go :)

  3. I love that you made it taller so things don't fall out. I'm not a crocheter, but I have made several rolls like this for various things. If I end up making more, I will remember your trick! I love the fun colors you used.

  4. Very nice!
    I do crochet and do not need a crochet hook holder right now, but I will keep this in my file... just in case!


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