Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Crossover Pinafore Dress

My friend (who I made the cupcakes for) had her baby! Little Emma came very quickly after making her parents wait an extra four days after the due date. I got to snuggle with her for quite a while this evening and LOVED it. There’s nothing quite like holding a sleeping newborn and I’m in love.


I came across THIS adorable crossover pinafore dress by Smashed Peas and Carrots and knew I had to make one for Emma Irene.


I’ve had four fun seersuckers for little girls sitting on my shelf for almost a year now, and couldn’t resist the pink and purple combo for this dress. And blue buttons made a fun color contrast. I did do a fairly horrible job around the curves (I was trying to size the dress down a bit as I went, so the straps and tabs for the buttons were smaller than the pattern) and reversed where the buttons/holes went since I thought the curve on the bodice turned out better than the straps.


My favorite part is the crisscross in the back. Jace literally helped me make it. He always wants to push all the buttons on my sewing machine making it nearly impossible for me to sew when he’s around. This time I figured out that there are two buttons he can push to help me—the one to lower and raise the needle and the one to reverse. I just had to keep repeating, “Wait for Mommy. Not yet. In a minute. Wait for mommy then you can push the button.” He liked it when the machine sewed quickly, saying “woa!”


And the lining is just too fun. I’m hoping this won’t be too big for Emma when the summer heat finally hits us here in western Oregon.

We find out in less than three weeks what our baby is and I’m so hoping it’s a little girl! I would just love to be able to make her a bunch of these!

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  1. Too cute!!
    I agree... newborn babies... nothing more precious and sweet.

  2. I also like the design of dress, i only have one little girl, So its a treat to make girly things. In this dress blue buttons made a fun colour contrast is really amazing.

  3. All three of our kids are "experts" at reverse stitching. It's the only thing i let them do. I made this pinafore of Maggie's for a baby gift recently. Now I was to scale the patten a bit bigger for my little girl. Too cute to pass up.

  4. I love your little pinafore sweet. Also love the fabric you chose. Good job!


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