Sunday, April 29, 2012

Maxi Slip

One of my clothing pet peeves (for myself and anyone I may see) is when you can see a girl’s legs through her skirt. I figure if the skirt is meant to cover, then the legs should look covered. I’m a fan of slips. So when I wore my simple maxi dress today, it really bothered me that my slip landed a few inches above the knee--leaving plenty of leg to be seen below that when the sun hit my skirt.

2012-04-29 009
(Side note—I love that the maxi I made last summer will probably last me through this whole summer while pregnant.)

So when I was spending some gift cards at Joann’s today and picking out an adorable blue and white stripe to make another maxi (can’t wait to make it and show you!), I made sure and pick up some light weight, white lining fabric. But then as I grabbed a knit for another maxi (I’m seeing lots of maxi dresses in my future), I thought maybe the best use for that lining fabric would be to just make a maxi slip—that way I wouldn’t have to line each individual dress.

2012-04-29 003

While this is probably one of the least exciting projects I’ve ever made, it’s sure to be one of the most useful. I made it as a simpler version of my maxi dress tutorial, not lining the bodice, using a little less material for the width (but not much, I still want it to fit my growing belly and allow me to take full steps) and made it about 8 inches shorter than my maxi dres.

2012-04-29 005

I didn’t think about a zipper at the store, so I just used my lightest colored one on hand. And then used ribbon for the straps. A super simple, quick project that I was thrilled to slip (ha, pun intended) under my dress and feel so much more confident in what I was wearing. And considering I have the fabric for three more maxi dresses all ready to go, I think this slip is going to get a lot of wear.

17 weeks

And, why not throw in a belly shot? I’m seventeen weeks now and feel like I’ve gone through a growth spurt in the past few days. We find out what we’re having in two weeks and I’m so excited for it! The second trimester is treating me well now that I’m taking Prilosec for my heartburn (which I have even when I’m not pregnant, and then when there’s a baby in my belly it gets really bad), I’m feeling really good! Now if the germies could just stay away from my family, we’d be doing really well!

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  1. muy lindo y felicidades por el embarazo.

  2. I really need to make some maxi dresses. I'll be pregnant over the summer too. I'm 18 weeks

  3. I love your dress, but I looooooove your preggo belly. I am so excited to see if Jace gets a sis or bro!

  4. You're so cute preggo! Lovely dresses!

  5. Very cute bump picture.
    And a very good idea to create a slip for the dresses rather than line each one :D


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