Saturday, April 21, 2012

Simply Delicious Cupcakes


One of my closest friends turned 30 this week. Her birthday happened to be two days before her due date, so she and her husband thought it would be wise to keep things low key and simple on her special day. Nolan and I joined them at Dairy Queen for dessert. For such a monumental birthday, I figured she’d probably need some cake as well, so I made a batch of cupcakes for her.

2012-04-17 010

I used my favorite recipe for dressing up a box cake mix, and homemade butter cream frosting. Then I colored the frosting a light lavender and sprinkled it with edible purple glitter.

Want to be able to make gourmet style cupcakes without having to spend a lot of time and effort?

Simply Delicious Cupcakes

-1 Box mix of your choice (I used Devils’ Food)
-1 small box of instant pudding in coordinating flavor (I used white chocolate but have also enjoyed chocolate fudge)
-3/4 cup oil
-3/4 cup milk
-4 eggs

Mix all ingredients according to package instructions and bake. My first set that went in the oven came out HUGE, so for the second set I only filled the cups half full and got the perfect cupcakes. I love it when a cake is so moist you can hear it when you cut it.

For the frosting, I used The Kitchen Magpie’s recipe found HERE. It really is the best buttercream frosting I’ve ever had—so light and delicately sweet. I agree with her, the cream and salted butter are what make it amazing.

If you’re thinking homemade buttercream is just too much effort—it really is simple! I whipped mine up while the cupcakes were cooling.


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  1. The cupcakes look delish,but what about your friend's baby?

  2. Thanks for the recipe & link. I've gotta make a whole-lotta cupcakes for my little boy's 2nd birthday in a couple weeks and I've been wondering how I can make them taste like I had them made somewhere fancy-pantsy. ;)


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