Thursday, May 3, 2012

A Major Scrap De-stash

One of the first big steps in preparing our house for the new baby (due October 4!) is cleaning out my current craft room because it will become either the baby’s room or Jace’s big boy room, depending on if it’s a boy or a girl.

2012-05-03 002

And the first big step in cleaning out that room is a major scrap de-stash. I am a scrap hoarder. There. I said it. Now I can move on. I’m not just talking usable scraps—I’m talking every little piece of fabric left from every little project, whether it really is usable or not. I’ve had two baskets OVERFLOWING with scraps that are in such crazy shape that I’d never even look through them to actually use them. So I did some major chucking.

2012-05-03 004

And what was an overflowing basket became this nicely folded pile of usable pieces.

2012-05-03 006

Next up is the darks basket (which I already had gone through half of it before taking this picture). Last time I mentioned throwing scraps away on Facebook, I had several people comment about all the great ways my scraps could have been used—giving them to schools, passing them on to people who don’t sew enough to have scraps, holding onto them for that day when inspiration strikes. I gotta be honest here: I don’t have the time to figure out who to pass them on to or how to get them there schools wise and I really don’t have the space to hold onto all these scraps for just in case some day. Scraps are a monster that can get away from you like crazy! And when you sew as much as I do, there’s always going to be a steady stream of them coming in, and a not so stead stream of them going out.

2012-05-03 009

For those of you who might fall into the wishing for scraps category, I’ve saved quite a few as I’ve gone along. The only ones that went in the garbage were the odd shapes that would have been too hard to cut something worth while from, or were just too much for me to want to tame down to pass on to someone else. Remember—I’m wanting to actually get this room finished rather than trap myself in so many endless projects.

So here’s what I’m wondering: Would any of you be interested in buying a bag of assorted scraps? I could either do them in categories—printed woven cotton and upholstery, apparel and shirting material, and knits--or a big random grab bag. I’m thinking it would be $5 for a bag and then another $5 for the flat rate shipping. The $5 for the scraps would really just pay for the effort/time of me actually saving the pieces, cutting them to a reasonable shape and size, and driving them to the post office. If this is something you’d be interested in, just let me know in the comments and I’ll work on putting together these grab bags and taking pictures to give you an idea of what is in them. Then I’ll post the pictures on my Facebook page, and all you’ll have to do is be the first person to leave their Paypal email address and it’s yours! If no one’s interested, then I just won’t worry about it.

In other news, I LOVE this maxi maternity dress from Old Navy. But I’m worried it would be too short for me (based on the comments), and I just don’t feel like paying $37 for it. Nolan and I are going to the coast for the weekend to celebrate our anniversary, and I’m thinking (if I have time) it would be fun to try this style with one of the fabrics I picked up the other day and have something new to wear when we go out to dinner. Time being the key factor here.

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  1. Good job sorting through your scraps! I have a rule that I only keep them if they are the size of two hands or larger. I would love to save more, just don't have the space. And that maxi dress is cute!


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