Saturday, May 5, 2012

Ruched Maternity Maxi Dress

maternity maxi 2

I’m really loving maxi dresses for this pregnancy. And I think my love for them will continue to grow as I get bigger and the weather gets warmer. As I mentioned in THIS POST I bought a pretty, stretchy, slubby knit for a maxi dress. And then after drooling over THIS one from Old Navy, I wanted to to try my hand at making a ruched maxi. I’m not doing a full tutorial this time because there are several bugs I need to work out with how I made it, but I’m loving the base pattern I came up with.

maternity maxi 1

You can’t see it in the pictures, but it’s tank style and I really like how the neckline turned out. THIS POST over at Laura’s Blog on how to adapt a regular pattern to a maternity pattern was great for helping me know how and where to add extra width/length to the fabric for ruching. I decided I prefer a gathered ruching over pleated, and in the future need to put it a little higher. And I just might have added too much width to the ruched area so I had to do some major adjusting… and that’s why no tutorial today.

maternity maxi 3

But all in all, I love the dress. And I really love the material. It’s a light khaki with a dark navy print. I’ve been eying the Megan Neilsen Ruched maternity t-shirt pattern and think it’ll be worth the $15 to get the sizing right the first time and every time. And it probably would be pretty easy to modify into a maxi dress. For the next maxi I’ll make, I’m planning on using the blue and white stripe I bought to knock off THIS DRESS from Old Navy but make it long. And yes, I did wear my maxi slip under the dress. I wore the dress for our anniversary date while we spent the weekend at the coast. And I just may have said to Nolan while he was taking the pictures, “Now I can be like one of those cool bloggers who takes their pictures in neat locations instead of on the front porch!”

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  1. I love this....I pinned it.. I'd love to make one for my daughter whose expecting in November.. So cute!!


    1. Thanks Carri! I'm sure she'd love it! I'm hoping to get another one made with an actual tutorial before long :)

  2. Very cute! Looks comfy. :)

  3. I love this =) And you look amazing!

  4. Cute and pretty, short cocktail dresses are every girl's best friends to parties, and clubs. They are THE dress to party in.


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