Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Satisfied with Adequate

satisfied with adequate

I try to keep the majority of this blog to the crafty, sewing and creative parts of my life. After all, that’s what you’re following for. And while I do add some personal posts in here in there because I want to show you the real me so we can connect a little better, I try to not get carried away and forget about the purpose of this blog.

But long before I sewed my first stitch or painted my first stroke, I was a writer. I have spiral notebooks full of stories I wrote dating back to when I was in first grade. I majored in English Communications in college and had aspirations of becoming a writer. I even had one paid published piece my Sophomore year of college when a short story of mine appeared in the book, Stories for A Woman’s Heart: The Second Collection (a Chicken Soup for the Soul kind of book). But as time went on and my life became busier, those dreams of writing stayed that—something in my head and not on paper.

After stepping down from my job and staying home, I started to pray about how the writer side of me may be able to make a regular appearance. And not just in craft and sewing tutorials, but in story telling, devotional thoughts and eloquent journaling. A blog seemed the logical choice. But I didn’t want it to just be random. Or full of venting. Or unread. Or for my own glory. I wanted it to be something with a purpose that could make a difference in the lives and minds of others. So I prayed some more. And I feel like I’ve been given a story to tell. Satisfied with Adequate will be about my journey as a wife and mom while still having my own identity in the midst of those two roles. My faith will play a key role in the posts.

So if you’d like to connect with that less than crafty part of my life, feel free to stop by. And if you don’t, I’m glad you’re here connecting with the crafty side! I’ll be back soon with some more fabric goodness.

Thanks for stopping by!


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