Thursday, May 31, 2012


It would seem like I’m quite the slacker these days… after all, I haven’t had much to show you lately. But the truth is, I have been crafting! For the last several months so many of my projects have just been sewing, so it’s a lot of fun to get back to some true crafting. And the motivation for that crafting?

2012-05-24 011

I’m participating in a campaign for Plaid and Walmart through The Blueprint Social and received a fun box full of these Plaid products and a Walmart gift card. I’ll be sharing some great tutorials with you in a few weeks, but for now I’ll show you where all my projects will go…

2012-05-27 014

I’m making over my front porch. It’s a great space and I have a fun Adirondack chair and vintage school desk and a few flower pots there already, but there’s so much I’ve already done and am working on. I love the progress I’m making!

2012-05-31 002

And today I received an AMAZING box full of Mod Podge products for another campaign through The Blueprint Social. It’s seriously like a lifetime supply of Mod Podge. I’m already dreaming up so many projects!!!

art for rayanna

I don’t have a good picture to show you yet, but this one from my SIL’s phone will have to do for now. When Nolan’s sister and her husband built a new house almost two years ago, my plan for a housewarming gift was to make them a large piece of art for their mantle. I had seen THIS beautiful piece of artwork from Our Humble A{bowe}d and knew I’d like to do something similar for them. I bought a large cupboard door from the Restore, a paint sample from Home Depot and prepped the door with a coat of white. Then it sat there for almost two years. Well, I finally finished it for her birthday! I forgot to take pictures before giving it to her (I know, where was my mind?), but she sent me this shot once she put it in place. I’m wanting to make her a few more pieces/plaques to go with it.

yellow maxi 1

I’m a part of Kojo Designs’ Color Your Summer series and LOVE what I made for it! You won’t get to see it for another week, but for now, here’s a little hint.


I bought the paint for Reese’s room this weekend. The walls will be Blue Horizon from Sherwin Williams. Now I just need finish cleaning out my closet so Nolan’s clothes can join mine, then clean out his closet and turn it into my crafting space, move the craft/sewing supplies I’m keeping into there, and get rid of everything else in what will be the nursery. THEN I can paint. I’m tired just thinking about it. It makes me miss when I was pregnant with Jace and could work on his room at whatever time I felt like it. These days I’m limited to nap time, otherwise it’s just too fun for Jace to “help” me. I still have 4 months left, though, so it’ll all get finished.

And now I’m feeling inspired to sleep so that I can feel inspired to create more tomorrow! Thanks for stopping by!


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