Sunday, May 13, 2012


I feel like I’ve been spoiled lately.

sirqu du soliel

For my 30th birthday a few weeks ago, Nolan surprised me with a great date night up in Portland. We had dinner at PF Changs followed by seeing Ovo by Cirque du Soleil. I had no idea what we were doing until we drove within sight of the big top tent. Tickets like this definitely don’t fit into our birthday budget, so Nolan was sweet and used his fun money. It was an incredible night!


The next day Nolan, my mom and sis-in-law threw me a party with a few friends. I'm with my niece and nephew in this picture. She was a little jealous of the tierra I was given to wear for the evening but more than thrilled to have me give it to her after the party.

2012-04-28 011

We’ve had some uncharacteristically nice weather here in the northwest. A few weekends ago Nolan started a major overhaul on my rose beds. They’d become VERY overgrown with weeds over the past few years, so he took a hoe to half of the bed along the back fence and then we laid down landscapers fabric and mulch. It was pretty funny—if you looked out a back window from one spot, it looked like we had a gorgeous rose bed. But then if you moved a little you could see the distinct line of where we stopped and the weeds began. Yesterday he finished that bed, so now we just need to do the bed along our side fence and then we can actually enjoy looking in our back yard!

2012-05-05 003

Last weekend we spent two nights at the coast for our sixth anniversary and the weather was gorgeous! If you’re very familiar with the Oregon coast, that kind of weather is pretty unusual to find. I had been given a two night stay at a hotel from our church when I stepped down, and I’m so glad we saved it for now! This was the view out our room.

2012-05-05 033

We had such a great time really getting away. We’ve had a night here or there without Jace when he’s had sleepovers with his cousins, but never actually gotten away since he was born. I love walking through the little shops in costal towns. We picked up some salt water taffy for my brother’s family since they took care of Jace and munched on yummy caramel corn while walking around.

Mother’s Day was sweet today with a card from my boys and some relaxing time sitting on my new chaise lounge for our yard in the 87 degree sunshine. And tomorrow we find out if we’re having a boy or a girl, which will be followed by a lunch date with Nolan. I’m telling you, I’m spoiled!

In other news… I started and almost finished a maxi dress inspired by this one yesterday:

Pinned Image

I finally hit a point where I needed to walk away or I might end up messing something up. I’m hoping to finish it tomorrow because I’m in love already.

I also received my Megan Nielsen Ruched Maternity Shirt pattern yesterday (I had to go looking through the online retailers who carry it to find one that actually had it in stock) and can’t wait to get sewing on some tops that will fit right the first try, and also lengthen it into a maxi dress.

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  1. Ohh what a lovely Maxi dress, Would love to see how yours turned out :D

  2. It sounds like you had a great week! Would you mind showing a tutorial on the maxi dress? Specifically how to do the criss cross bodice? I want to make a maxi dress similar to that but I don't know how to do that kind of a bodice. Thanks!

  3. Hasn't the weather been so great!
    I'm even having an *outdoor* lunch this week with friends to celebrate :)

  4. I love that you've felt spoiled!

  5. I got a Megan Nielsen nursing nightgown pattern and even though I'm done with the nursing part of my life, I still LOVE the nightgown! Can't wait to see the dress all done.
    Also, Nolan told us about your big news... congratulations!


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