Saturday, May 26, 2012

The Ultimate Wedding Chandelier

We went to a beautiful wedding last night. It was like a royal wedding within our church since the Executive Pastor’s son was marrying the High School Girls Director. The couple was precious, the people were beautiful and the decorations were a DIY dream!

wedding chandelier statement piece

The team who put the décor together transformed the building, but the most stunning piece was the “chandelier” they created for the large auditorium where the reception was held. I heard the original plan was to use a king size bed frame to make this, but when I studied it at the reception it looked more like a large piece of chain link fencing. Which was then beautified with burlap swags around the outside, looped strips of a linen or muslin looking fabric and finally all sorts of lamp shades hanging down. I can’t even begin to tell you how stunning it was.

wedding chandelier statement piece 5

The room was lit only with candles, this chandelier, a few strings of light and some of the stage lights. The atmosphere was incredible and this chandelier definitely took center stage above the dance floor.

wedding chandelier dance picture

I snagged this picture of the happy couple dancing under it from a Facebook friend.

2012-05-25 012

“The South” as the auditorium is called (because of its location…. we’re oh-so-creative) hasn’t really been what you would have thought of as a lovely reception site. But some new paint and carpet in the past few years certainly improved the space. Even then, though, I would have never imagined it could be such a charming space.

2012-05-25 015

It’s always fun to see creative people transform a room into something so beautiful. It was the perfect ending to a lovely wedding. And I knew you’d love to see it!

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