Tuesday, May 29, 2012

What I’ve Been Eating

pinterest inspired

I have been doing some fun sewing and crafting lately. They’re just all projects I can’t show you yet (of course). And while I may go several days between being creative with fabric, paint or other fun mediums, there’s one way that I create just about every day. And that’s with food. I’ve actually noticed that since being home full time I make a lot more treats. I don’t think it’s the pregnancy. I think it’s that I have the time to decide I want something sweet and then actually make it. And as I posted here, here and here, I love looking to Pinterest for great recipes. A few that I’ve tried out recently and enjoyed are…

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I wanted to make BBQ chicken sandwiches on Saturday but didn’t want to go buy buns. So instead I tried out THIS recipe from Alexandra’s Kitchen. They were simple to make a delicious. A little denser than I expected but the flavor was great.

I love chocolate crinkle cookies but am typically disappointed by how hard they become if you don’t eat them all straight out of the oven. These Brownie Crackle Cookies from Cheerios and Lattes stayed soft and maintained their flavor for a few days after I made them. I think I prefer straight up brownies to the cookies, but for crinkle cookies, I was very happy with their maintained softness. I used a brownie mix that came with chocolate chips in it, so I chose to add white chocolate chips instead. Yummy!

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A local bakery makes the best Challah bread, so I thought it would be a fun challenge to make some myself. Since this is also called Easter bread, I thought it fitting to make it for Easter. THIS recipe  from Tasty Retreat was the one I settled on after looking at several. It was an easy recipe to follow and it tasted good. I over baked it a little bit (which was surprising because I took it out at the earlier recommended bake time and typically my oven bakes cool and I always have to add extra time to the baking) so it’s hard to compare to the perfection from the bakery I love. I’ll have to make it again, bake it less and then see what I think.

Happy eating and thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Just a tip: throwing a piece of bread in with the cookies will keep them soft. It actually works!


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