Thursday, June 28, 2012

Baby Girl Nursery: The Plan

I’m feeling pretty motivated to put Reese’s room together. While I’ve been having fun working on little projects for her space (birdhouses, art, and a mobile in process), the room itself is a complete disaster (need proof? Check out the picture in THIS post. It hasn’t changed since then unless it’s gotten worse). A friend of mine is coming over on the 10th to help clean out the room, and I have to have it clean by the time my parents get here on the 17th. So it’ll be clean soon! I’ve also sold two pieces of furniture on Craigslist in the past three days and the money in my pocket is helping me feel motivated to narrow down my ideas into actual purchases. So here you go, my {more} detailed plan for the nursery (for now).

baby girl nursery inspiration

Top to bottom, right to left:

The birdhouses will hang on the wall above her dresser/changing table and will be framed by a wooden frame we built (the same kind as I used for THIS project). I’m just not sure what color to paint it. Maybe the Lime Ricky from my color palette? Then fabric birds will hang from fishing line in front of it.

The crib will have this dust ruffle, this sheet, and I’ll recover the bumper from Jace with this fabric. As I mentioned above, I have a fun mobile in the works, and hopefully will be able to show you next week.

The daybed is where I’m a little more unsure. I’ve decided to leave it the color it is. My original plan was to spray paint it coral and use a neutral quilt and fun pillows. Now I am going to keep it cream and am thinking a colorful quilt with fun pillows would work with the space better. I’m loving this quilt from Kohls, but I’m a little nervous it might be too bright. I’d use the fabric combos shown above as the accent pillows, using two fabrics on each one. I’m liking that the overall theme of the room is bright colors, and I love the way it looks in the picture, I just want to make sure it’s not too much. What do you think? Yay or nay?

The dresses art will be three large cupboard doors with dresses on them (explained HERE) and they will hang on the long wall you first see when you enter the room. I’m excited for the statement they’ll make.

I love my color palette! The walls will be painted Blue Horizon from Sherwin Williams. On my computer it looks more gray than it does in real life. It’s a beautiful, very light blue. I love how all the colors will really pop against it. The rest of the colors are going to be used throughout the room as accents (as seen in all my other elements).

We already have the crib (Jace will move up to a big boy bed in August), the daybed, a glider and ottoman (I’ll just need to recover them). I have a dresser in my garage that needs a little repairing. I found it at the ReStore for $5 months ago and just couldn’t pass it up. If it’s fixable, we’ll paint and use it. Otherwise I’m keeping my eye on Craigslist. The hardest item to find will be a nightstand to go next to the rocker. I would love to find something cheap, but I’m pretty specific about my shape and size. If all else fails, I’ll splurge and get this one from Target. I also have a sweet, blue lamp that will be perfect. I just need to make over the shade. Which will be fun!

I’m thinking with a nice timeline laid out, and details finally becoming finalized, the motivation to get things done will come too!

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Tutorial: Sunshine Poured Out Maxi

yellow maxi

This tutorial was originally shared over at Kojo Designs as a part of their Color My Summer Series. I thought you might enjoy seeing it here just in case you missed it!

I love the color yellow. I think it could even be called the happiest color. Just making this dress made me feel like I was working with sunshine. And as much as I’m sure everyone else could say the same thing, I think I got the best color for Color My Summer.

yellow maxi dress

With a baby due in October, I’m claiming this as the summer of the maxi; so what better combination than my favorite color and favorite style of the season? This tank-styled knit maxi dress was very simple to make with a few added details to make it stand out. The stripes of white and yellow at the bottom make me smile every time I look at the them and the layered strips of white and yellow fabric across the chest make it very flattering and dress it up a bit. And since I have to accommodate a growing belly, my dress has ruched sides. This  dress could be made just straight, or if you have a little something to cover up, with less of a ruche than I did.

I used two yards of the yellow knit, half a yard of the white, and coordinating thread.

tank maxi pattern

If you don’t already have a tank style maxi pattern (which I definitely didn’t), it’s simple to create your own pattern. Use either your favorite tank pattern or trace around a favorite fitting tank, and then extend down from the waistline (or just before it starts to curve in if it does that) for an a-line. I used freezer paper for my pattern because that’s what I had on hand. I like that it’s sturdy and lasts from dress to dress. Cut it to 11 inches short of the length you like. If you’re ruching the sides, just add an extra five inches of length to the front piece. Repeat this for the back of your dress so you’ll end up with two pieces.

2012-05-14 004

For the stripes, cut out one five inch wide band of contrasting fabric and one seven inch wide band (only my 5 inch band is shown here because the 7” one was added as an effort to lengthen the dress and I’m so glad I did!) and then cut them into two pieces matching the widths of your front and back of the dress. For the decorative lines at the top, cut out a few strips of 1.5 inches in the contrasting color and 1 inch in the main color. (I was going to originally use a more mustard color, but then didn’t like the contrast so I changed my mind. That’s how sewing goes for me!)

2012-05-14 005

Measure six inches up from the hemline of the skirt pieces and cut.

2012-05-14 007

With right sides together, sew the 5 inch white band to the main pieces of the front and back of the dress. Then, again with right sides together, sew the bands of yellow that you cut off to the white. Finally, attach the 7” white strips to the dress.

2012-05-14 009

With the front of the dress laying flat, line up the 1.5” strips of white fabric in diagonal lines in a pattern you like. I ended up later removing the bottom line because I thought having the last one be the one that crosses the whole dress was the most flattering. Then lay out the 1” yellow strips and pin everything down.

2012-05-14 010

Using a wide zig-zag stitch, sew the strips to the dress. All the decorative elements of the dress are now done! If you are ruching the sides, sew a gathering stitch starting about 7 inches below the arm to about 10 inches lower on both sides of the front of the dress. Line up the front and back of the dress at the arm holes and hem, and then tighten your gather until they are the same length.

Sew the dress together at the sides and then the shoulders.

2012-05-14 012

I used a twin needle for my hem and finishing off the neck and arm holes. I love the professional finish it gives to a knit piece.

2012-05-14 014

You can see the double line of stitching here along the neckline. A twin needle is not complicated to use at all—just check your machine’s manual for how to thread the twin needle.

yellow maxi 2

And then enjoy wearing your comfortable, stylish, cool dress!

I've loved wearing this dress and have gotten so many compliments on it!

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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Mod Podged & Painted Birdhouses

Mod Podged and Painted Birdhouses

I’ve been having fun pinning and dreaming up decorative projects for Reese’s nursery. When I saw this idea on Baby Lifestyles of hanging birdhouses on the wall, I knew it would be perfect.

yellow pink girl nursery features birdhouses as wall art bird house collage over changing table

So I picked up five birdhouses at Joanne’s for $1 each and some colors that would work with my palate.

baby's room

(I carry these paint chips, taped to a piece of paper, everywhere I go.)

Painted Birdhouses 4

Last week my friend Mary and I had fun painting up the houses, and then I Mod Podged scrapbook paper in complimenting colors to the roofs.

Painted Birdhouses 3

My final step was using Mod Podge’s Pearlized Sealer on them. It’s a spray on finish, and it gives everything a pearlized affect. You can see it fairly well on the red house. I really liked how subtle the finish is, and that it softened the bright colors a bit. I still need to do a second coat, but I live in Oregon where summer doesn’t really arrive until the 4th of July, so it’s still raining here. I’m planning on hanging these above her dresser/changing table and mounting a wooden frame around them to anchor the look. Then, if I have the time, I’d love to also make some birds like I linked to HERE, and have them hang from the ceiling in front of the houses. Now to just clean out her room…

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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Fabric & Yarn

Happy Saturday! I hope you are all enjoying your day. I was up this morning quickly cleaning my house before a friend’s mother-in-law came over for me to do her hair for a wedding. The beauty of a mad dash like that is you feel like you can take it easy the rest of the day! I have a batch of The Pioneer Woman’s Cinnamon Rolls in the works and thought I’d take this bit of down time to browse through the shops of two of my sponsors.

small 125 x 125

Southern Fabric is a wonderful online fabric store that is full of all sorts of goodies.


Right now I’m thinking I’d love to buy their Vintage Modern Jelly Roll to make all sorts of cuteness for Reese’s nursery. 


They also carry adorable patterns, including the Sparrows by Fig Tree Quilts. These, in the fabrics above, would be ADORABLE hanging in Reese’s room with some bird houses I just finished (and will be showing you Monday!). This is just a tiny glimpse of the cuteness and quality Southern Fabrics has to offer. Head on over and check them out!


Another shop I’m excited to tell you about is Diana Meredith Designs. Diana has been a long time reader of Made it on Monday and I love that she’s ventured out and set up an adorable shop full of crochet goodies.

She has cute hats and headbands for you to wear.

Crochet Coffee Cozy - Blue with White Daisy

And a great selection of really cute coffee cozies. She also makes sweet coasters. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it if you spend some time browsing through all that she has to offer at Diana Meredith Designs.

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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

DIY Custom Disc Golf Backpack

diy custom disc golf backpack

My husband has recently gotten into playing disc golf. He’s been carrying his discs around in a regular backpack. A few weeks ago he came home from playing with a friend and mentioned that he should have me make something to help hold his discs in the backpack—like the expensive bags you can buy specifically for the sport, but without the “dorky” (his words, not mine) look. I was thrilled he actually gave me an idea for a Father’s Day gift!

disc golf backpack 1

I measured the inside of this ordinary backpack and figured I could make an insert for the back of the pack that could be like a graduated envelope system with each disc getting its own pouch. I was able to make this insert 10” wide (the discs are a little under 9” wide) and 14” tall, enough for 4 discs (the number he owned at the time, how convenient!).

disc golf backpack 3

I used a khaki duck cloth because I knew it needed to be durable and hide dirt since these discs get thrown around in all sorts of conditions. The pockets are 6”x11” (keeping room for side seam allowances), and I started by finishing their edges and then sewing the bottom edge to a main piece that was 11”x15”. Each “pocket” was sewn 2” above the one below it. Once those were all sewn together, I sewed it to another 11x15 piece with the pockets on the inside, leaving the bottom open. Then just turned it inside out, put a strong piece of cardboard in it, and finished the bottom.

disc golf backpack 4

The discs fit but it’s a snug fit, so they are held securely. I need to figure out a good way of attaching this to the back of the backpack.

disc golf backpack 5

Nolan has also mentioned some supplies he was wanting to carry with him, and I found a few other suggestions online, and then made a zippered pouch to hold them. I gave him sanitizing wipes (for the discs or his hands), deodorant (I thought it would be helpful!), powder for when his hands are too damp, itch relief for bug bites, insect repellant and sunscreen. Two other items that went in the backpack but didn’t’ fit in the pouch were a microfiber towel and a first aid kit.

disc golf backpack 6

Nolan loved his gift and has already requested that I make another holder for three more discs. I’m glad I could help make his backpack work perfectly for him!

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Monday, June 18, 2012

Kids-Can-Make Mod Podge Magnets

Kids can make Mod Podge magnets

A few weeks ago I had two of my good friends and their two-year-olds join me and Jace for a Podge Party!

mod podge supply

The folks at Mod Podge recently sent me an INCREDIBLE box full of Mod Podge supplies. I seriously feel like I now own all that Mod Podge has to offer. My mom joked that I should pull out a few things and then let Nolan hold onto the rest to give me for Christmas.

mod podge 1

For our little Podge Party I wanted to try out some of the new products Mod Podge just released this month (you can find them at Michaels!). We used: Dimensional Magic in gold and silver, Washout for Kids (it’s new and I love it!), their craft glue, I had regular Mod Podge on hand but we didn’t use it, the new Acrylic Podgable shapes and the new Podgable papers. I also had on hand colored pencils, paint brushes, cups for the Podge and magnetic buttons. And let’s not forget that I had placemats for each of the kids.

mod podge 2

We started out by letting each of the kids choose the acrylic shape they wanted to work with—Jace chose the bird, Hannah the heart and Madeline the key. Mod Podge also has some great traceable shapes (stencils) that match the acrylic shapes to make things easier. We traced the shapes on a piece of podgable paper for each kid and then let them just have fun coloring. I had them use colored pencils because I wasn’t sure if the Mod Podge would work the same on crayons.

mod podge 3

We also cut out pictures and letters from other sheets of the podgable papers and then had fun letting the kids paint the Washout Mod Podge on their papers. The LOVED this part. I loved it too because I didn’t have to worry about it if they got it everywhere. 

mod podge 4

As you can see, my son got a little passionate with his painting.

mod podge 5

Then we helped the kids stick their pictures and letters where ever they wanted them (trying to keep them close to the outline we had traced on for the acrylic shape. After everything was dry I cut out the shapes and used the Mod Podge Craft Glue to glue their artwork to the acrylic shapes. (These steps were all done after our friends left.)

mod podge 6

Once the glue was dry I had some fun with my favorite Mod Podge product: Dimensional Magic. I used the new silver one that has little tiny flecks of silver glitter in it. To use the Dimensional Magic, I just first did a line around the outline of the shape (try to do it in as much of a continuous action as possible and be careful to not get air bubbles in there), then I filled in the rest of the shape and finally used a sewing pin to pop any air bubbles that were there. It’s opaque when it’s wet, but it dries clear.

mod podge 7

Even though the bottle says it only needs 3 hours to dry, I gave it a full 24 just to be on the safe side. Then I flipped them over and used the craft glue to attach the magnetic buttons. Just one is strong, but sometimes we end up using one magnet to hold several items on the fridge, so I figured two would be great for as much strength as possible.

mod podge 8

And then we had our final product! Madeline and Hannah’s moms were so pleased with the outcome! I love how artistic they look and that cutting out the shape takes away the haphazardness look that was originally there with the random placement of the pictures. I’d love to use Jace’s magnet to hold his artwork on the fridge, but he insists his bird is for playing with. Side note about Jace’s magnet: We did his a little differently—I glued his picture to the back of the acrylic shape to see how it would look and then didn’t use the Dimensional Magic. I like how it turned out as well, but I think the Dimensional Magic adds a much cooler element to the girls’ magnets.

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Thursday, June 14, 2012


mod podge projects

I have three projects in process sitting on my dining room table and picked up the supplies for one more today. All of them involve Mod Podge. I’m thinking we just might have a month of Mod Podge Mondays coming up…

2012-06-13 014

In other news… I’m at 24 weeks and definitely feeling that the third trimester is quickly approaching.

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Monday, June 11, 2012

Painted Flower Pots & A Front Porch Makeover

Painted Flower Pots and a Front Porch Makeover

I have a decent-sized front porch space that I’ve barely utilized in the six years that we’ve lived here. But with the addition of a bright red Adirondack chair (yay birthday money) and a vintage turquoise school desk (story to come another time) sitting out there this spring, I knew I needed to make the most of my space.

painted porch 4

Thanks to a great goody box full of supplies from Plaid and a Walmart gift card, I was able to bring the colors together and make my space one that I absolutely love walking up to!

shopping picture

Even though Walmart has greatly expanded their craft department to include a TON of new Plaid products (which I had so much fun walking through), I decided to hit up the garden department for my surfaces to paint on. I knew I wanted to bring in more red and turquoise like the existing pieces, as well as some yellow since I have bright yellow snap dragons in the beds around my patio. I love these plastic pots because they’re easy to paint. I also wanted a solution for our hose, but didn’t want to pay for a fancy hose system, so I picked up a large rubber tub. I also got some flowers to fill the pots with.

2012-05-27 003

To bring all the colors of the patio together, I added some fun painting touches to the pots. I used some of the paint provided, a paint brush and stencil—all Plaid products.

2012-05-27 006

I mixed primary blue, yellow and white together to make a nice shade of turquoise.

2012-05-27 007

Then stenciled polka dots around the red pot. On the large yellow pot I painted red and turquoise stripes. It was all very simple—just paint it on and I was all set! Because the pots were plastic and not terracotta I didn’t need to do any priming or sealing. 

painted porch 5

I added yellow and red to other existing plastic pots and loved the way they mixed with my other ceramic pots. I have worked with a lot of different acrylic paints and am very impressed by the quality of the Plaid paint. It is thick and coats so nicely!

painted porch 12

All the bright colors make my porch look so happy!

2012-05-27 008

My next task was to add some more color to the turquoise tub I picked up for the hose. I wasn’t too sure about how that surface would take the paint, but figured it was worth a try. I used the foam applicators that screw directly onto the bottle to paint stripes on the tub.

2012-05-27 012

I then just filled every couple sections of the tub with strips of alternating red and yellow paint.

painted porch 7

Just one coat was all I needed and I love the extra pop of color it added! The paint is scratching away here and there in spots, but it really is holding up well considering it’s outside and gets wet when I water. Eventually I might have my husband drill some holes in the bottom of the tub to help drain the water. But so far, it hasn’t been a problem. This yellow hose was purchased years ago and I’ve always hated how bright and hideous it looked on our porch. Now it matches!

painted porch 6

Don’t you just love the bright pots matched up with the chair and desk?

painted porch 2

My last painting project to help spruce up the patio was a painted chalk board. I used Plaid’s paint, chalkboard paint and stencils. I gotta tell you—I LOVE their chalkboard paint!

If you’re a video tutorial kind of person, check it out to see how I painted my board. If not, all it took was painting the boarder turquoise, adding the red stenciling, a little distressing, and then painting the center of the board two coats of the chalkboard paint. I sealed the turquoise portion with a coat of Mod Podge and then primed my chalkboard by rubbing chalk all over it.

painted porch 1

Now I can write whatever I want on it! Nolan and I joked about all the things I could put on it at once—welcome, baby may be sleeping please knock, no soliciting… I settled on just Welcome and Please Knock.

painted porch 3

I love how with just a little bit of paint and some flowers, I was able to transform my porch!

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