Thursday, June 28, 2012

Baby Girl Nursery: The Plan

I’m feeling pretty motivated to put Reese’s room together. While I’ve been having fun working on little projects for her space (birdhouses, art, and a mobile in process), the room itself is a complete disaster (need proof? Check out the picture in THIS post. It hasn’t changed since then unless it’s gotten worse). A friend of mine is coming over on the 10th to help clean out the room, and I have to have it clean by the time my parents get here on the 17th. So it’ll be clean soon! I’ve also sold two pieces of furniture on Craigslist in the past three days and the money in my pocket is helping me feel motivated to narrow down my ideas into actual purchases. So here you go, my {more} detailed plan for the nursery (for now).

baby girl nursery inspiration

Top to bottom, right to left:

The birdhouses will hang on the wall above her dresser/changing table and will be framed by a wooden frame we built (the same kind as I used for THIS project). I’m just not sure what color to paint it. Maybe the Lime Ricky from my color palette? Then fabric birds will hang from fishing line in front of it.

The crib will have this dust ruffle, this sheet, and I’ll recover the bumper from Jace with this fabric. As I mentioned above, I have a fun mobile in the works, and hopefully will be able to show you next week.

The daybed is where I’m a little more unsure. I’ve decided to leave it the color it is. My original plan was to spray paint it coral and use a neutral quilt and fun pillows. Now I am going to keep it cream and am thinking a colorful quilt with fun pillows would work with the space better. I’m loving this quilt from Kohls, but I’m a little nervous it might be too bright. I’d use the fabric combos shown above as the accent pillows, using two fabrics on each one. I’m liking that the overall theme of the room is bright colors, and I love the way it looks in the picture, I just want to make sure it’s not too much. What do you think? Yay or nay?

The dresses art will be three large cupboard doors with dresses on them (explained HERE) and they will hang on the long wall you first see when you enter the room. I’m excited for the statement they’ll make.

I love my color palette! The walls will be painted Blue Horizon from Sherwin Williams. On my computer it looks more gray than it does in real life. It’s a beautiful, very light blue. I love how all the colors will really pop against it. The rest of the colors are going to be used throughout the room as accents (as seen in all my other elements).

We already have the crib (Jace will move up to a big boy bed in August), the daybed, a glider and ottoman (I’ll just need to recover them). I have a dresser in my garage that needs a little repairing. I found it at the ReStore for $5 months ago and just couldn’t pass it up. If it’s fixable, we’ll paint and use it. Otherwise I’m keeping my eye on Craigslist. The hardest item to find will be a nightstand to go next to the rocker. I would love to find something cheap, but I’m pretty specific about my shape and size. If all else fails, I’ll splurge and get this one from Target. I also have a sweet, blue lamp that will be perfect. I just need to make over the shade. Which will be fun!

I’m thinking with a nice timeline laid out, and details finally becoming finalized, the motivation to get things done will come too!

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