Wednesday, June 20, 2012

DIY Custom Disc Golf Backpack

diy custom disc golf backpack

My husband has recently gotten into playing disc golf. He’s been carrying his discs around in a regular backpack. A few weeks ago he came home from playing with a friend and mentioned that he should have me make something to help hold his discs in the backpack—like the expensive bags you can buy specifically for the sport, but without the “dorky” (his words, not mine) look. I was thrilled he actually gave me an idea for a Father’s Day gift!

disc golf backpack 1

I measured the inside of this ordinary backpack and figured I could make an insert for the back of the pack that could be like a graduated envelope system with each disc getting its own pouch. I was able to make this insert 10” wide (the discs are a little under 9” wide) and 14” tall, enough for 4 discs (the number he owned at the time, how convenient!).

disc golf backpack 3

I used a khaki duck cloth because I knew it needed to be durable and hide dirt since these discs get thrown around in all sorts of conditions. The pockets are 6”x11” (keeping room for side seam allowances), and I started by finishing their edges and then sewing the bottom edge to a main piece that was 11”x15”. Each “pocket” was sewn 2” above the one below it. Once those were all sewn together, I sewed it to another 11x15 piece with the pockets on the inside, leaving the bottom open. Then just turned it inside out, put a strong piece of cardboard in it, and finished the bottom.

disc golf backpack 4

The discs fit but it’s a snug fit, so they are held securely. I need to figure out a good way of attaching this to the back of the backpack.

disc golf backpack 5

Nolan has also mentioned some supplies he was wanting to carry with him, and I found a few other suggestions online, and then made a zippered pouch to hold them. I gave him sanitizing wipes (for the discs or his hands), deodorant (I thought it would be helpful!), powder for when his hands are too damp, itch relief for bug bites, insect repellant and sunscreen. Two other items that went in the backpack but didn’t’ fit in the pouch were a microfiber towel and a first aid kit.

disc golf backpack 6

Nolan loved his gift and has already requested that I make another holder for three more discs. I’m glad I could help make his backpack work perfectly for him!

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  1. Fantastic!!
    I bet my husband, whose camp name at Tadmor was Frisbee, would love this!!

  2. AWESOME! I want to make one for my husband! He likes Disc golf, too! :)

  3. that's a great gift - would you be able to make the pocket- thing have pockets both n the front and back - to hold the three extra ones?

  4. disc golf - that is awesome! Good for him! Very cool backpack, very cool gift :). The insert is perfect for it!

  5. Disc Golf is definitely on my list of things to do. When I lived in Yellowstone National Park we had some pretty interesting adventures with the wildlife on the course up there. Great idea! Coming to you from take a look Tuesday...

  6. This is such a thoughtful gift! Plus I love the idea of customizing instead of just shelling out money for a specialized back pack. My hubby isn't in to disc golf, but I could see doing something similar for hiking, or a number of other things. Hey, if you have a second I'd love for you to link up to Sweet Sharing Monday!

  7. Hey there, the DIY backpack looks great! If you know anyone who likes this style of bag but doesn't have the time or resources to make one, there are very similar ones available at!I've also seen some discount codes floating around on their facebook page!

  8. That is a ful skate backpack from target, I have one of those! Would be a great combination with a skate bag and disc golf bag! Especially with the extra compartments in the front. Only thing it doesn't have is a drink holder. Still a great stock bag with great additions. Gives me an idea how to mod my bag.


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