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Kids-Can-Make Mod Podge Magnets

Kids can make Mod Podge magnets

A few weeks ago I had two of my good friends and their two-year-olds join me and Jace for a Podge Party!

mod podge supply

The folks at Mod Podge recently sent me an INCREDIBLE box full of Mod Podge supplies. I seriously feel like I now own all that Mod Podge has to offer. My mom joked that I should pull out a few things and then let Nolan hold onto the rest to give me for Christmas.

mod podge 1

For our little Podge Party I wanted to try out some of the new products Mod Podge just released this month (you can find them at Michaels!). We used: Dimensional Magic in gold and silver, Washout for Kids (it’s new and I love it!), their craft glue, I had regular Mod Podge on hand but we didn’t use it, the new Acrylic Podgable shapes and the new Podgable papers. I also had on hand colored pencils, paint brushes, cups for the Podge and magnetic buttons. And let’s not forget that I had placemats for each of the kids.

mod podge 2

We started out by letting each of the kids choose the acrylic shape they wanted to work with—Jace chose the bird, Hannah the heart and Madeline the key. Mod Podge also has some great traceable shapes (stencils) that match the acrylic shapes to make things easier. We traced the shapes on a piece of podgable paper for each kid and then let them just have fun coloring. I had them use colored pencils because I wasn’t sure if the Mod Podge would work the same on crayons.

mod podge 3

We also cut out pictures and letters from other sheets of the podgable papers and then had fun letting the kids paint the Washout Mod Podge on their papers. The LOVED this part. I loved it too because I didn’t have to worry about it if they got it everywhere. 

mod podge 4

As you can see, my son got a little passionate with his painting.

mod podge 5

Then we helped the kids stick their pictures and letters where ever they wanted them (trying to keep them close to the outline we had traced on for the acrylic shape. After everything was dry I cut out the shapes and used the Mod Podge Craft Glue to glue their artwork to the acrylic shapes. (These steps were all done after our friends left.)

mod podge 6

Once the glue was dry I had some fun with my favorite Mod Podge product: Dimensional Magic. I used the new silver one that has little tiny flecks of silver glitter in it. To use the Dimensional Magic, I just first did a line around the outline of the shape (try to do it in as much of a continuous action as possible and be careful to not get air bubbles in there), then I filled in the rest of the shape and finally used a sewing pin to pop any air bubbles that were there. It’s opaque when it’s wet, but it dries clear.

mod podge 7

Even though the bottle says it only needs 3 hours to dry, I gave it a full 24 just to be on the safe side. Then I flipped them over and used the craft glue to attach the magnetic buttons. Just one is strong, but sometimes we end up using one magnet to hold several items on the fridge, so I figured two would be great for as much strength as possible.

mod podge 8

And then we had our final product! Madeline and Hannah’s moms were so pleased with the outcome! I love how artistic they look and that cutting out the shape takes away the haphazardness look that was originally there with the random placement of the pictures. I’d love to use Jace’s magnet to hold his artwork on the fridge, but he insists his bird is for playing with. Side note about Jace’s magnet: We did his a little differently—I glued his picture to the back of the acrylic shape to see how it would look and then didn’t use the Dimensional Magic. I like how it turned out as well, but I think the Dimensional Magic adds a much cooler element to the girls’ magnets.

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  1. Very fun! Dimensional Magic is my new favorite craft medium!

  2. Wow. They look so professional. You would never guess that small adorable children made them.

  3. Great can never have enough magnets....handmade/homemade are the best.

  4. Love it! Anything the kids can help make is right up my alley. Great project thanks for sharing!
    -Molly (Mod Podge Launch group)

  5. These are great! You should link these up to the CSI Project. The challnge this week is Mod Podge!

  6. Really cute! Looks like your little ones had a lot of fun!!

  7. It is great to see that your kids are between these and hardly guess how much they are enjoying

  8. Very cute kids at work i guess you had a great time


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