Friday, June 8, 2012

Needing Your Feedback on a Project for Baby Girl’s Room

Hey all! I’m working on a project for Reese’s room that I am SO excited about!

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I found this ADORABLE dress art from Just Bunch on Etsy. They are digital prints that you would then frame, and a little out of my price range. I thought it would be fun to make my own DIY version, so I picked up three large (think 20x20”) cupboard doors at the Restore, and plan on Mod Podging little dresses cut from the fabric I bought for Reese’s room.

2012-05-24 004

I’ll cut the dress shapes out from three of these fabrics and do trim detailing on the dresses with the other three.


This is what the doors look like (I’ve added two layers of white for primer to this one).

My original thought was to paint all three a coral-ish pink color with white for the inner trim portion, like this dresser:

Pinned Image

So what I’m wondering is:

Should I do all three boards like that? Or should I do two solid coral (with no white trim) and one solid white. Or all three solid coral. The wall will be a very pale blue.

Thanks for your help!!!


  1. Just found your blog from your maxi dress over at Kojo=) I'm expecting in October, too, so I'll definitely have to check out your other maternity tutes!

    But I digress=) I would not do them all the same, mostly because I like variety. So probably two coral and one white. Or I might do one with white inner trim, and two all coral. HTH!

  2. I would mix it up! I love it! Great idea, will be very cute :)

  3. Oh I think you should do them like the dresser that would look awesome! What a fun idea and can't wait to see what they turn out like!

  4. I would say two coral with white trim and one white with coral trim. :)

  5. You asked, so I'll bite...hehehe. My only concern for using so much coral is that you will lose the pop of your fabric colors. Why not keep the inside of the door white and do the outer edge or just the inner trim area in coral. Allow your fabric choices to be the focal point of your project. The bright coral might fight for the attention. Love the combos you are striving for here and I think they will be a great addition to your baby girl's room. Have fun with it!


  6. Well, I guess I'll be the dissenting opinion (so you'll be more confused than ever and never reach a decision, of course): personally, I love 'gallery'-type artwork the most when it's almost uniform. Like, all framed the same (or very similar) and just the photos (or in your case little dresses) are different. Sometimes I think it starts to look too chaotic if there is too much variety. I think I like Gwen's idea of painting them all white and using coral just as the inner trim color, or just doing the outer part in coral and keeping the inside white, so the coral stays a POP instead of stealing attention from the little dresses. Whatever you choose, I think it sounds like an adorable idea!

  7. Well I like how it looks with just the white primer! :p Guess that wasn't an option, though... It's a cool idea though! I saw some really cute ones like that at Joanns last week, they did those with fabric too but it was more 3D.

  8. I agree with Rachel and Gwen, white with coral trim so the dresses will be the main focus. =) I think it will be cute whatever you decide though. =)

  9. I agree with Gwen and Rachel

  10. Gwen or Rachel: that should narrow it for you. P.S. Congrats on coming up with this DIY . . . creative!


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