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Painted Flower Pots & A Front Porch Makeover

Painted Flower Pots and a Front Porch Makeover

I have a decent-sized front porch space that I’ve barely utilized in the six years that we’ve lived here. But with the addition of a bright red Adirondack chair (yay birthday money) and a vintage turquoise school desk (story to come another time) sitting out there this spring, I knew I needed to make the most of my space.

painted porch 4

Thanks to a great goody box full of supplies from Plaid and a Walmart gift card, I was able to bring the colors together and make my space one that I absolutely love walking up to!

shopping picture

Even though Walmart has greatly expanded their craft department to include a TON of new Plaid products (which I had so much fun walking through), I decided to hit up the garden department for my surfaces to paint on. I knew I wanted to bring in more red and turquoise like the existing pieces, as well as some yellow since I have bright yellow snap dragons in the beds around my patio. I love these plastic pots because they’re easy to paint. I also wanted a solution for our hose, but didn’t want to pay for a fancy hose system, so I picked up a large rubber tub. I also got some flowers to fill the pots with.

2012-05-27 003

To bring all the colors of the patio together, I added some fun painting touches to the pots. I used some of the paint provided, a paint brush and stencil—all Plaid products.

2012-05-27 006

I mixed primary blue, yellow and white together to make a nice shade of turquoise.

2012-05-27 007

Then stenciled polka dots around the red pot. On the large yellow pot I painted red and turquoise stripes. It was all very simple—just paint it on and I was all set! Because the pots were plastic and not terracotta I didn’t need to do any priming or sealing. 

painted porch 5

I added yellow and red to other existing plastic pots and loved the way they mixed with my other ceramic pots. I have worked with a lot of different acrylic paints and am very impressed by the quality of the Plaid paint. It is thick and coats so nicely!

painted porch 12

All the bright colors make my porch look so happy!

2012-05-27 008

My next task was to add some more color to the turquoise tub I picked up for the hose. I wasn’t too sure about how that surface would take the paint, but figured it was worth a try. I used the foam applicators that screw directly onto the bottle to paint stripes on the tub.

2012-05-27 012

I then just filled every couple sections of the tub with strips of alternating red and yellow paint.

painted porch 7

Just one coat was all I needed and I love the extra pop of color it added! The paint is scratching away here and there in spots, but it really is holding up well considering it’s outside and gets wet when I water. Eventually I might have my husband drill some holes in the bottom of the tub to help drain the water. But so far, it hasn’t been a problem. This yellow hose was purchased years ago and I’ve always hated how bright and hideous it looked on our porch. Now it matches!

painted porch 6

Don’t you just love the bright pots matched up with the chair and desk?

painted porch 2

My last painting project to help spruce up the patio was a painted chalk board. I used Plaid’s paint, chalkboard paint and stencils. I gotta tell you—I LOVE their chalkboard paint!

If you’re a video tutorial kind of person, check it out to see how I painted my board. If not, all it took was painting the boarder turquoise, adding the red stenciling, a little distressing, and then painting the center of the board two coats of the chalkboard paint. I sealed the turquoise portion with a coat of Mod Podge and then primed my chalkboard by rubbing chalk all over it.

painted porch 1

Now I can write whatever I want on it! Nolan and I joked about all the things I could put on it at once—welcome, baby may be sleeping please knock, no soliciting… I settled on just Welcome and Please Knock.

painted porch 3

I love how with just a little bit of paint and some flowers, I was able to transform my porch!

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    1. So cute, I love how your porch turned out! And I am such an non-artist that I didn't even think about mixing the paints to get the color I need for one of my projects, thanks for the reminder!

    2. What a fun porch! I love all the cheery colors and the pots are darling!

    3. Nice use of the provided supplies!
      Very Colorful!

    4. fun projects! Love the pot where the hose is. :)

    5. Love all of the color! I'm hosting an outdoor paint project link party that this would be perfect for! Please consider linking!

    6. Great post. Love the way your porch looks. I really am so glad you posted about the paint bottle toppers. I love that idea, especially for projects my kids do. Less opportunity for messes than with standard paint sponges/brushes.

      Enjoy your freshly decorated space!

    7. So fun!! i love the big pot that you used to store your hose too!! I pinned this :)


    8. SUPER CUTE! Crossing my fingers you'll share at my party! Saturdays at Seven!

      XO, Aimee

    9. Now I'll bet you love coming home...very cheerful, personal and welcoming.

    10. Gorgeous projects and love that you did a video tutorial. It really brightened up your space (all that color!)

    11. Your porch is so cheery and welcoming! You did a great job on those pots!
      I found you via Feature yourself Friday...I also linked up my refreshed front porch....hope you'll stop by for a visit!
      ps...I guess I need to check out my local walmart...they had greatly reduced their craft/fabric department to my dismay...I have since seen the fabric return...maybe their bringing the craft stuff back too! hope's the only store that might remotely sell that stuff within at least 30 min of me!

      By the way, I am a new follower!


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