Thursday, July 5, 2012

Firework Shirt

I’ve had a lot of fun these past three Independence Days making a little something special for Jace to wear. Our first Fourth of July with him I made a little Yankee Doodle Romper

2010-06-30 005

And then last year I kept it simple on top and made some patriotic plaid shorts…

2011-07-03 051

And this year I kept it pretty simple again…

2012-07-04 014

I picked up a Garanimals t-shirt on sale at Walmart for $2.50 and then went to town making paint dot fireworks.

2012-07-04 015 - Copy

After doing the fireworks I felt like it could use a little something extra so I wrote “O say can you see!” curved down from the neckline and “Land of the Free, Home of the Brave” by his left hip. Paired with some blue and white seersucker shorts, he was pretty adorable and festive.

family on the 4th

After a fun BBQ with friends, our little family of three went to the park for the fireworks show our town put on. Jace loved being up late and thought it was too fun to just play with us on the blanket. I felt like it was one of those perfect evenings of having fun and making special memories before his world gets turned upside down and he’s booted from the position of only child.

Next year it’ll be fun having two kiddos to dress up, especially since I’ve been saving some red and white striped and blue and white striped jersey serger scraps that will make the perfect firework hair bow!

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you had a great 4th!


  1. That is really cute! I love how it is clearly patriotic but wearable other days as well.

  2. Hello from Denmark

    I love your blog and think the way you (and many americans) love their country is great

    I'm very inspired of youre creativity



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