Friday, July 13, 2012

A Little Bit of What I’ve Been Up To

I have been busy, busy, busy this week, but don’t really have anything crafty to show for it.

2012-07-13 003

My parents get here in 4 days, and in 7 days we leave on vacation (wahoo!!!!). I usually have very reasonable goals for what I’ll accomplish/clean before my mom gets here, and typically fall majorly short thanks to us getting sick or something like that. This time I have HUGE goals and I am determined to achieve them. This may seem pretty basic, but for someone like me who doesn’t operate in clean mode all the time, making a list of everything that needs to happen in each space in our house, followed by when I need to have it done by helps me to not be so overwhelmed that nothing gets done. I love being able to cross items off my list!

craft room clean up
One major item on my list is getting the current guest/craft room completely cleaned out. It was a disaster. The difference between cleaning it out and just cleaning a room was that I couldn’t just put things away… everything had to be consolidated to fit into Nolan’s closet. Which means lots of purging. I first just went through the room on hands and knees, picking up trash and bagging anything that was obviously going to Goodwill.

At that point (in the first picture), I felt like I was really achieving something since the look of the room was improving. But then I moved onto the closet and other storage spaces and stuff was just coming out with no where to really go. I sorted into four categories—keep, donate, throw away and garage sale.

And today a good friend of mine came over to help sort and clean things up. She was wonderful because she was able to sort through what I had, organize it, and help me feel more compelled to throw stuff away! So I still have plenty to do in there, but we made a HUGE dent.


Along with cleaning out the craft room I’ve done some big time cleaning and purging in our room. As I explained in THIS POST Nolan’s closet is becoming my new craft/sewing space and he and I will now be sharing my closet. Before I could move anything out of the guest room, I had to clean out Nolan’s closet to make space. It’s the left picture above and there is the same amount of space on the opposite side of what is shown. He had a lot of clothes packed into that space. Mine is the one on the right now that both our stuff is in there. Between items from my craft room and both our closets, I’ve now taken 9 trash bags full to Goodwill and 5 bags to the trash. I’d say this was a much-needed clean out! I’m very proud of how I’ve sorted our things. We have two dressers in our room, but right now one is holding my maternity clothes and the other is half full of my non-maternity clothes and half full of Nolan’s clothes. Some cubes we bought at Costco a few years ago have come in very handy for keeping things organized in the closet.

2012-07-10 002

While I haven’t really had any down time this week, until now I’ve used any time I’m watching TV to crochet tons of circles for a rug I’ll make for Reese’s room.

If I feel adventuresome, make a crochet rug for Reese's room... a good project for while watching TV

I was inspired by Heater at Like a Cup of Tea who is wanting to knock off this $700 rug by crocheting flowers and then stitching them together. I figured I’d keep it simple (and couldn’t find a flower pattern that laid as nicely as the inspiration rug) and am just doing basic circles of varying sizes in the colors of Reese’s room. I’m really excited about how it’s going to come together!


And finally, the quilt I ordered from Kohls and the Vintage Modern by Moda fabrics I ordered from Poppy Seed Fabrics arrived and they are all perfect! I love them!!! Finishing the Little Dresses Art and getting these items makes me so anxious to get her room painted so I can decorate. But that’ll all happen in August, after I get the room cleaned out and go on vacation. Oh my! This summer is flying by!

I hope your summer is going well and thanks for stopping by!


  1. That will be a beautiful rug. I can't wait to see it. I'll have to remember it if I ever need a small rug.

  2. Yay!!!! Looks like HUGE progress! I love the rug idea!

  3. I love this rug idea, so I went searching for a possible pattern, too, and I think this one might make flowers like the example:

  4. I love crossing items off of lists. That may be why I make so many! Also, that rug is going to be SO cute! Hope you post pictures after! :)

  5. Can't wait to see this room when it's done <3 LOVE your sweet fabrics and colors, and that rug is going to be aMAZing, hello!


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