Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Organized {and well contained} Gift Wrap

Organzied and Well Contained Gift Wrap at Made it on Monday

As I mentioned in THIS POST, I’ve been doing some MAJOR cleaning in my house! Until yesterday, all gift wrapping supplies (which included an excessive amount of gift bags) were stored in a large Rubbermaid drawer and a box in the closet of my craft/guest room. I didn’t really want to make room in my new, limited space craft closet, so I turned to Pinterest for some help. The OCD Life showed a great system from The Container Store specifically for this purpose while She’s Crafty inspired me by repurposing some wire kitchen storage.

gift wrap organization 3

After making the top of my dryer visible again (yes, this is the much-improved version of my laundry closet), I realized the wall beside it could be perfect for storing my gift wrapping items.


A quick trip to Walmart resulted in getting the Mainstays 3 Pack Cabinet Rack for only $7.44

gift wrap organization 2

We mounted the largest, single shelf piece lower to hold the rolls of paper, the smaller single shelf piece for gift bags, and the double shelf for tissue paper, ribbon and bows. I could easily fit several more rolls of wrapping paper there. They can stay in on their own, but I wanted to keep them upright, so I mounted 3M Tab hooks on either side and tied a ribbon across the paper. On the opposite wall (not pictured) I hung a few large 3M Tab hooks to hold the larger gift bags.

I’m thrilled with the results and thrilled that my laundry space is clean now. And, I probably shouldn’t admit to how many times today I’ve opened the closet just to smile at it.

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  1. That is fantastic! I even have one basket that I've been trying to figure out what to do with it--or toss it. Now I know what to use it for. Thanks!

  2. That's a great organizing idea!


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