Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Relaxed but Revving Up!

We got back from our family vacation to California on Sunday evening.

beach collage

On this trip we logged 28 hours in the car, visited 2 grandparents, 6 aunts and uncles (4 of them being greats to Jace), 4 cousins and 3 second cousins. We also had some wonderful family time as just the three of us at a house my grandparents own on the coast in Cambria.

2012-07-23 039

We had lots of time on the beach—some playing on the sandy beach and some walking on the rocky beach.

2012-07-23 065

I loved having so much time to take it easy after having such a busy few weeks of cleaning before leaving.

2012-07-26 098

Jace loved having so much time with Mommy and Daddy’s full attention on him.

2012-07-29 003

And he proved to be an amazing road trip traveler! The activities I had packed were great (as seen in THIS POST) and there were even a few things we never got to doing. I thought of one more road trip tip: if you’re staying somewhere over night along the way, pack a separate bag with just what you need for the night—toiletries, pajamas and clothes for the next day. That way you don’t have to unload your whole trunk and the suite case for a stop that only lasts a few hours.

2012-07-31 005

And the best part about coming home? My parents house sat for us while we were gone and did some wonderful projects around our house which included cleaning some nasty stains out of our carpets and painting Reese’s room! I love how the color turned out.

2012-07-31 010

And it was so fun to hold up a few of the items I have for the room against the wall color and see it’s going to come together exactly how I imagined.

2012-07-31 012

I’m also realizing just how much I have to get done in the next four weeks. I’ve been saying all along for so many things, “I’ll do that in August.” Well, August is here so it’s time to check things off the list! I made the window covering for the nursery today and I’m just hoping it all works out when I get it hung later. It’ll be a fun project to share with you! I’ll also be having a BIG garage sale this weekend full of boy clothes, craft items, home d├ęcor and furniture. Do you have any garage sale tips for me? This will be the first one I’ve done at my home.

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  1. I did my first garage sale before moving the other month...my tip is not to hold things for people who say they will be back later in the day unless they give you money. I did that and the guy never came back...I could have easily sold the kitchen cart to someone else if I hadn't been holding it. Good luck! :-)

  2. For the boy clothes, organize them by size folded on a table. It's so much easier than sorting through a box of clothes. Or hang up what you can. Good luck!

  3. Save yourself a lot of time, and don't worry about pricing things. Just have a general ideas. Sometimes people offer more than you were planning to ask.

  4. What a fun vacation! I love the picture of Jace sitting at the beach--a gorgeous picture, definitely display-worthy. I was just thinking of you the other day when we were driving along and just happened to pass Quincee's Boutique! I wanted to stop and get a picture for you, but we had a very grumpy toddler in the back seat ;-) The room color looks beautiful, and I love how it looks against the birdhouses. It's going to be so fun to put it all together!

  5. So many fun memories were made on your trip! I think there were six "greats" of aunts and uncles...and one set of regular:) Love all the photos!

  6. My tips for selling children's clothing successfully- sort the clothing out by size and mark the table so people do not have to dig to find the size that they need (they are more likely to buy the clothing and more of it this way), forget about marking every piece and make them all one price (like .50 each piece, 2 piece outfits are $1) so it is easier on you for checkout and saves you time in setting up. Hang up outerwear and make those all one price also. Keep as much as you can up off of the ground so it is easy to see and easy to look through. If you want to save the stuff for another garage sale later, pack away the clothes in a box according to size so youdo not have to sort them again later. Have fun and good luck!


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