Sunday, August 26, 2012

Ribbon Flowers Art

Ribbon Flowers Art

As I was planning out what to do on the walls in Reese’s nursery I found myself playing around with lots of ideas that involved buttons. I love all the button monograms and flowers I’ve seen. But I wasn’t sure that I wanted to deal with that many buttons. So instead I went the minimalistic button route and involved ribbon. And I love how this project turned out! These flowers were so simple to make but make a great statement!

Ribbon Flowers Art 4

Ah. Just love looking at this!

2012-08-20 053

I started with three drawer faces I had bought several months ago at the ReStore. They were having a sale where all cupboard/drawer faces were half off, so I got these for $1 each. I gave them a rough sanding and then several coats of red paint and then a couple coats of spray varnish/sealer.

Ribbon Flowers Art 3

Then cut stem, petal and leaf lengths out of grosgrain ribbon. The length you need for the petals and leaves just depend on how big you want your loops to be. I then glued each of the leaves and petals into individual loops.

Ribbon Flowers Art 1

The leaves were hot glued down first, followed by the stems, then then petals and finally the buttons.

Ribbon Flowers Art 2

I love how they have texture and aren’t just a flat piece of art.

Ribbon Flowers Art - Framed Name

Above them I hung a frame that I painted to match the green in the room and put scrapbook paper and letters in place of pictures in the openings. The letters are mounted on their backings with glue dots that set them off the paper a bit.

Button Letter Wall

Grouped with my button-embellished letter, the wall makes a bold statement and brings all of the colors from the room together. I love it!

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