Friday, September 28, 2012

Oh Baby! Review

Oh Baby

I had a lot of fun for the past week or so featuring baby projects and products. I hope you’ve enjoyed it and ended up with some inspiration along the way. Just incase you missed something, here’s a little round up of all the projects…

Three Simple Skirts at Made it on Monday

The Interchangeable Headband at Made it on Monday

The Perfect Burp Rags at Made it on Monday

Soft and Comfy Big Bow 3-in-1 Headbands

And a big thank you to the sponsors for the week for their awesome giveaways!

Hat 2

shoes 1

Momma and Baby Bag 1

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Soft & Comfy, Big Bow, 3-in-1 Headband {Tutorial}

Oh Baby

We’re coming to the end of Oh Baby! week… if you haven’t entered the giveaways still going, or want to check out some of the previous projects (skirts, interchangeable headbands or burp rags) click on over HERE.

I had so much fun making this big bow bow headband that will be so comfortable for Reese to wear. I just made one gray headband, but the colored bows are interchangeable.

Soft and Comfy Big Bow 3-in-1 Headbands

I thought I was done with all my projects for Reese (at least those for before she’s born), but then I was making some scarves for my shop and had left over knit fabric. I couldn’t help but see adorable headbands in the scraps. My serger was the machine I had out at the time, but this project could just as easily (if not more easily) be done with your standard machine. If sewing with knits is new to you, or you’ve been intimidated by it, check out THIS POST.

2012-09-19 001

I started with strips of knit that were 4x13” with the stretch being the long ways (you want to make sure when you pull while holding the short ends that it stretches. If it stretches the other way, you won’t have the flexibility you need to get the headband on your baby’s head). I folded them in half and sewed the two long ends together.

2012-09-19 004

Turn the tubes inside out and position them so the seam sits in the middle (this way it will be hidden when your baby wears it).

2012-09-19 005

Cut a piece in the same fabric as the headband 10x6”, another that’s 3x6”, and then in the contrasting colors make them 6x4”. With these pieces, the direction of the stretch doesn’t matter as much.

2012-09-19 007

Take your 3x6 piece and sew it length wise like you did for the main band and turn it inside out with the seam in the middle.

2012-09-19 008

Fold it half, non seam sides together and sew it however big you want your center loop to be. I ended up cutting off about an inch from my original piece.

2012-09-19 009

This is what you’ll end up with.

2012-09-19 010

Then take your 10x6” piece and fold it in half so it’s now 5x6 and sew up the sides. (You’ll see that I’m making my bows differently than most that you see around blog land.)

2012-09-19 011

Turn it inside out and sew up your open end.

2012-09-19 012

Tuck the seam inside itself so you make a lined pocket of sorts. You can tuck it in as far or as little as you want depending on how gathered you want your bow to end up. I liked tucking mind in just enough to hid the seam.

2012-09-19 013

Repeat with your contrasting colors.

2012-09-19 014

Slide your small band over the main headband.

2012-09-19 015

Sew the two ends of your headband together.

2012-09-19 016

Slide the band over your seam so it’s hidden.

2012-09-19 018

Slide your main colored bow piece in the band. It’ll be a bit snug, so I didn’t worry about attaching them to each other.

2012-09-19 019

Slide your contrasting color in. Now it’s even more snug, so it’ll stay in place. How cute is that?

I also made some non-interchangeable headbands (and yes, I can have her wear the gray one without a contrasting color)…

Soft and Comfy Bow Headbands

You can see that I played with different widths on the bows. The aqua one was made with your more typical bow method, but I liked the fullness that came with the method I just showed you how to do. My favorite bow is the yellow one because I made it the biggest.

Soft and Comfy Bow Headbands Yellow and Gray

One last look at the yellow and gray bow. I just love it!

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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Yarnaholics Crochet Hat—Review & Giveaway!

Oh Baby

***Be sure and check out the projects and giveaways from Oh Baby! week HERE!***

Hat 2

When Heather from Yarnaholics offered to send me something from her shop, I instantly fell in love with the Pink Valentines Hat. I got it in a larger size so it’ll fit Reese in February. How cute will that be?

Hat 1

The crochet work is beautifully done and I LOVE the stitched on felt heart!

Heather, her mom and sister all love yarn and it shows in the products they sell in their shop. It’s not limited to just baby hats (and the ones they have are adorable), but accessories

Crochet Headwrap with Flower


Percy the Penguin

And scarves

Oatmeal Cowl Scarf with flower

All for very reasonable prices! Have you fallen in love with one of these products? Heather is offering a $20 gift certificate to Yarnaholics! To enter to win you must be a follower of Made it on Monday and then…

-Favorite Yarnaholics on Etsy.
-Like Yarnaholics on Facebook.

This giveaway will be open until 5 pm Pacific Time on Tuesday, October 2. Good luck!

***While I was sent this hat for review, the opinions expressed are all my own.***

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Perfect Burp Rags {Tutorial}

Oh Baby

***Don’t forget to enter to win a pair of baby shoes and an adorable diaper bag pattern!***

The Perfect Burp Rags at Made it on Monday

Today in Oh Baby! week I wanted to share with you what I would consider to be the perfect burp rags. I would actually consider myself an expert on burp rags and I earned that qualification. Jace was an INTENSE spittter-upper as a baby. The poor child lost a good portion of everything he ate, and was constantly having to wear a bib or have a burp rag draped over him because I just couldn’t keep up with how soaked his clothes would get otherwise. You know it’s bad when your dog gets excited over the sound of a burp because he knows there’ll be something to clean up. We finally were able to put him on a liquid dose of Pepcid (after he had several episodes of projectile spit up), and at that point he became more like your average spit-uppy kid. We later found out that his reflux issues were caused by my milk (but not my diet, we tried everything to see if it affected him) and when he went on formula at 10 months the issue just about completely disappeared.

All that to say, I was pretty aware of what was helpful and what wasn’t with burp rags. Many were too thick to easily wipe his face, too thin to protect my clothes, to wide to fit my shoulder, or too narrow to provide enough coverage. It seemed that the cuter the burp rag, the less effective it was. That is, except for one burp rag that I was given by a friend. It was perfect. And it served as the model for these burp rags that I first made for a friend and then recently for myself. Wow, would you have ever thought so much could be said about a burp rag?

The Perfect Burp Rags 4

What makes these the best is that they’re flannel on one side and chenille on the other (although my Joann’s has stopped carrying the chenille in store, so I had to use terry cloth for half. I think it’ll be just as effective, just not quite as soft). These look like designer burp rags but they cost so much less!

The Perfect Burp Rags 5

They are super simple and take hardly any time to make. I bought a quarter yard of each flannel fabric (I got 2 burp rags out of each quarter yard plus some left over) and, using my rotary cutter, cut them to 8x16”. I bought a yard of the chenille (or terry cloth) and just cut out as many 8x16 pieces as I could. It’s a wider fabric, so you can get more out of the chenille than the flannel. Then I just surged around the edges and tied off the chains. If you don’t have a serger, you can use a serge-like stitch. And then you’re done! It’s so simple because you don’t have to do any turning inside out, blind stitching, or extra top stitching. I love it!

The Perfect Burp Rags 3

I also have fun picking out my flannels so they are cute but not too baby-ish. How fun to be able to match the burp rag to the outfit of the day?

The Perfect Burp Rags 6

This time around I made more burp rags that I’ll be needing for Reese (hopefully!), so I stashed several away to save for baby shower gifts.

The Perfect Burp Rags 2

Aren’t they just so cute? I’m excited to use them with Reese, just hopefully not as much as I needed them for Jace!

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Monday, September 24, 2012

The Mama & Baby Bag–Diaper Bag Pattern Review & Giveaway!

Oh Baby

We’re back with Oh Baby! week and I am so excited about what I have to share with you today! If you want to catch up on what all I’ve made and is being given away, go HERE for all the Oh Baby! posts.

I pinned this diaper bag way back… like 31 weeks ago way back. Either before I knew I was pregnant or right around when I found out. The picture grabbed me. Aside from the fact that the sample bag is made from adorable fabric, I loved the design of it. So imagine my excitement when Bonnie of Fishsticks Designs said she’d send me the pattern!

2012-08-29 067

Bonnie’s patterns are available as an emailed PDF or a mailed paper pattern. I chose to use the paper pattern so I wouldn’t have to print off all the pages. But after seeing how simple the pieces are, I’m confident the PDF would be great too. I enjoyed making this bag because the pattern is so easy to follow. It came with full picture directions, and none of the steps would be too hard for a beginning seamstress since Bonnie guides you so clearly through everything you do. I tend to skip steps when following patterns, but since I was doing a review for this one, I wanted to make sure and do everything correctly. I’ve made quite a few bags over the years, but felt like I learned from Bonnie’s steps and methods for assembling this bag.

Momma and Baby Bag 2

Not only was the bag simple enjoyable to assemble, it is full of features that I’m going to love having in Reese’s diaper bag. I wish I could tell you which feature is my favorite, but I think I’m going to love them all! In the picture above you can see the cell phone pocket in the white patterned fabric. The pattern even walks you through making sure you put the pocket on the correct side for where you wear your bag so your phone is easily accessible.

Momma and Baby Bag 3

On the back is a zippered pocket the size of the entire bag. I love it!

Momma and Baby Bag 5

The front has two pockets with elastic in them that will be perfect for holding bottles, sippy cups or anything that needs to be held in place while easily accessible. Above those two pockets are two more pockets, and then a snap closure to hold the whole thing together.

2012-08-29 064

Inside the bag there are pockets for the mama and the baby. I know I’ll have plenty of space for all my baby needs—diapers, wipes, nursing cover, clothes, etc. But also space for me so I don’t have to carry both a diaper bag and a purse. I also love how well sectioned off things are. This is similar in size and storage compartments to the diaper bag I had made for Jace, but better designed, so I know I’m going to love the way it functions for me.

momma and baby bag 4

Isn’t it so cute????

2012-09-06 029

The last feature that I love is that the strap can be adjusted depending one where you tie it off (functional and cute!). I have mine so it’ll be a messenger bag, but you can also have it be over the shoulder or make it short enough to hang over the stroller. It’ll also be great for carrying the few items Jace needs around too.

Have I sold you on the wonders of this bag yet? You can buy it HERE. Bonnie has also generously offered to give two readers the PDF pattern for the Mama Baby Bag!

To enter, simply comment on why this bag appeals to you. For an extra entry, visit Fishsticks Designs where Bonnie has all sorts of practical kids’ wear patterns for sale and tell me which pattern is your favorite.

This giveaway will be open through Sunday, September 30 at 5 pm Pacific Time. Good luck!

***Disclosure: While this pattern was sent to me for review, the opinions expressed in this post are all my own.***

Saturday, September 22, 2012

It’s Finally Fall!

***We’re taking a break from Oh Baby! week for the weekend… I’ll be back on Monday with a review and giveaway for the most awesome diaper bag pattern! And don’t forget to stop by and enter to win a pair of adorable baby shoes of your choice HERE.***

I’m so happy we have officially entered fall today! It’s my favorite season and I seem to anxiously look forward to it every year. I know so many other bloggers switched their season at least a month ago, but I have a hard time moving on too quickly. Plus, here in Oregon summer is usually still in full swing until the end of September. But the weather cooled down this week, the trees started changing color, and I’m ready to switch my wardrobe! I added a few fall touches to my home this week. I kept it more simple than last year (seen HERE and HERE) since I like the neutral d├ęcor I have going on, and it was so nice and quick to just add a few fall-ish touches here and there.

2012-09-20 006

2012-09-20 008

I thought I’d also link back to a few of my past fall projects. Like…

2010-09-09 004

My fall book page wreath. It’s on my front door for the third year in a row. See the tutorial HERE.

burlap and leaves art

I loved my Framed Burlap and Leaves last year!

candy corn applique

And it still makes me happy to look at this appliqued trick-or-treat bag. It would be perfect paired with a fun homemade Halloween costume.

I hope your fall is off to a great start! Thanks for stopping by!