Saturday, September 1, 2012

Finishing Touches on the Nursery

There were several little details and projects I wanted to share with you in depth, but none of them really were big enough for an entire post to themselves. So here are the last, finishing touches on Reese’s nursery…. next up: the reveal!

Finishing Touches 1

This bassinet was bought by my parents for my oldest nephew and has been used by each of their grandbabies. My mom specially decorates the bassinet to coordinate with each nursery. For my nephews (they’re 22 months apart and had the same nursery d├ęcor) she decked it out with baseball fabric. My niece then had it princess style in pink and brown. Red, blue and white with cars fabric was the look for Jace’s nursery.

Finishing Touches 2

For Reese, my mom exchanged the blue ribbons for turquoise. I love the way red and turquoise look together!

Finishing Touches 3

The sheet is a white with red polka dot flannel while the bumper is just the solid turquoise flannel. I love the way it turned out and look forward to seeing my baby girl sleeping in it!

Finishing Touches 4

I love the way my birdhouses turned out, but I was concerned that they might need something to help anchor them. (In the inspiration picture I felt like they were a little too free floating.) So I used a frame that Nolan made for me when I made several of my Framed Gates for a craft show. It sat in the hot sun too long once and became warped, so I hammered it back together, added some wood filler and then painted it with Sherwin Williams Lime Rickey (I also used this color on the frame in the gallery art wall). Nolan pointed out that it’s more of a rhombus than a rectangle now, but I like the rustic look it has.

Finishing Touches 5

I also hung three of my little fabric birdies from clear thread from the ceiling using white thumb tacks. They hang above her changing table like a mobile. I’m sure she’ll love staring at all the bright colors. If you haven’t checked out my post about the coral dresser, hop on over so you can see how this looks hanging above it.

Finishing Touches 6

We hung floating shelves on either side of the window. My brother and sister-in-law made these shelves for us for Christmas, and I wasn’t sure where to use them in our home until I started planning out Reese’s nursery (I couldn’t a spot for them because I didn’t want to waste them, not because I didn’t like them.) On the shelf to the right of the window I placed a framed hat my mom made me using her Cricut. Nolan’s sister made the Baby Reese hanging from antique blocks, and fabric wrapped around [I think] styrofoam. A little fabric birdie was the perfect finishing touch.

Finishing Touches 7

On the other side of the window I have more framed pieces my mom made using her Cricut. She found adorable papers that match the room perfectly. And she’s incredible and really utilizing her cartridges to layer the pieces in different papers. Another birdie was added to this shelf as well.

Finishing Touches 8

Doesn’t that look so sweet?

Finishing Touches 9

As I mentioned in the post about the dresser I used kitchen serving trays for the top cubbies. These will hold tights, socks, headbands, hats, etc. I didn’t want the red and coral contrast to have a valentines feel to it, so I cut a white vinyl scallop using my Silhouette to soften the red a bit.

Finishing Touches 10

The lamp on her nightstand (found at an antique/boutique store downtown for $52) was bought for my college dorm room back in 2000. I simply covered the shade with leftover fabric from the bumper and Mod Podge and then hot glued some vintage tassel I bought off Etsy a while back around the base of the shade and some mini ric-rac around the top. I like how the brass coordinates with the brass balls on the daybed. The lamp needed a little more height, so I stacked three books from my childhood under it—Sweet Dreams, My Goodnight Book (I had this one memorized long before I could read), and the Precious Moments Bible.

I can’t wait to show you how it all looks together!

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  1. That is so cute! The birds are even cuter scattered around the room.
    I really LOVE the art that your mother made of the little girl with the umbrella. It's way too cute!

  2. Reds, dark pinks & corals with tourquoise/aquas is my latest love. Great job. Unique, but still very classic. Love it.


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