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Soft & Comfy, Big Bow, 3-in-1 Headband {Tutorial}

Oh Baby

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I had so much fun making this big bow bow headband that will be so comfortable for Reese to wear. I just made one gray headband, but the colored bows are interchangeable.

Soft and Comfy Big Bow 3-in-1 Headbands

I thought I was done with all my projects for Reese (at least those for before she’s born), but then I was making some scarves for my shop and had left over knit fabric. I couldn’t help but see adorable headbands in the scraps. My serger was the machine I had out at the time, but this project could just as easily (if not more easily) be done with your standard machine. If sewing with knits is new to you, or you’ve been intimidated by it, check out THIS POST.

2012-09-19 001

I started with strips of knit that were 4x13” with the stretch being the long ways (you want to make sure when you pull while holding the short ends that it stretches. If it stretches the other way, you won’t have the flexibility you need to get the headband on your baby’s head). I folded them in half and sewed the two long ends together.

2012-09-19 004

Turn the tubes inside out and position them so the seam sits in the middle (this way it will be hidden when your baby wears it).

2012-09-19 005

Cut a piece in the same fabric as the headband 10x6”, another that’s 3x6”, and then in the contrasting colors make them 6x4”. With these pieces, the direction of the stretch doesn’t matter as much.

2012-09-19 007

Take your 3x6 piece and sew it length wise like you did for the main band and turn it inside out with the seam in the middle.

2012-09-19 008

Fold it half, non seam sides together and sew it however big you want your center loop to be. I ended up cutting off about an inch from my original piece.

2012-09-19 009

This is what you’ll end up with.

2012-09-19 010

Then take your 10x6” piece and fold it in half so it’s now 5x6 and sew up the sides. (You’ll see that I’m making my bows differently than most that you see around blog land.)

2012-09-19 011

Turn it inside out and sew up your open end.

2012-09-19 012

Tuck the seam inside itself so you make a lined pocket of sorts. You can tuck it in as far or as little as you want depending on how gathered you want your bow to end up. I liked tucking mind in just enough to hid the seam.

2012-09-19 013

Repeat with your contrasting colors.

2012-09-19 014

Slide your small band over the main headband.

2012-09-19 015

Sew the two ends of your headband together.

2012-09-19 016

Slide the band over your seam so it’s hidden.

2012-09-19 018

Slide your main colored bow piece in the band. It’ll be a bit snug, so I didn’t worry about attaching them to each other.

2012-09-19 019

Slide your contrasting color in. Now it’s even more snug, so it’ll stay in place. How cute is that?

I also made some non-interchangeable headbands (and yes, I can have her wear the gray one without a contrasting color)…

Soft and Comfy Bow Headbands

You can see that I played with different widths on the bows. The aqua one was made with your more typical bow method, but I liked the fullness that came with the method I just showed you how to do. My favorite bow is the yellow one because I made it the biggest.

Soft and Comfy Bow Headbands Yellow and Gray

One last look at the yellow and gray bow. I just love it!

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  1. I love these too! The bows are super sweet, and they look like they would be amazingly comfortable. =)

  2. These are super cute! Can't wait to see Reese wearing them! :-)

  3. These headbands are adorable! You've been so busy, Jill! When is this sweet girl due again!? Ready to see her face!

  4. Oh these are cute, I'm going to pin this and make some for my daughters. Thanks for sharing

  5. These are sew pretty! Wish I could sew more than buttons!

  6. These are so cute! Thanks for the tutorial! It should be noted that if you are using a regular machine, you should use a zigzag stitch in the first step (sewing the long ends together) so that it still stretches. :)

  7. Cute tutorial! Need to try this for sure when I get my hands on a sewing machine (been saying I'll get a new one for months! haha)

    Thanks for sharing! I've pinned it to my sewing project board =)

    Visting from the Tatertots & Jello link-up :)

    one year birthday bash giveaway {oct 1 to 12}

  8. the first fabics that you cut out sewed along the long edges then turned inside out, what are those for?

    1. That's what becomes the main part of the headband. You'll turn them inside out and leave them that way while you move on with the steps for the bow. That's the "main part of your headband" referred to in the instructions after the 11th instructional picture. Hope that makes sense! Let me know if you have any more questions.


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