Friday, September 21, 2012

The Interchangeable Headband {Tutorial}

Oh Baby

Oh Baby! continues with a headband project!

The Interchangeable Headband at Made it on Monday

One of the things I’m most looking forward to with having a little girl is getting to do her hair, which early on will mean headbands. I’ve had white and pink elastic lace in my craft stash for a while, and knew I wanted to make headbands for my little, but it was hard to commit to just a few flowers without knowing what outfits I’d want to pair them with. I didn’t want to waste my elastic on a headband I wouldn’t love, or waste a perfect flower on a band that she’d grow out of in a few months.

Interchangeable Headbands Set 1

So I came up with an interchangeable headband idea—where the same band of elastic can sport the peach flower one day, white another, and red yet another time.

Interchangeable Headbands Set 2

Or where this pink band can be paired with a fun variety of ruffled flowers.

Interchangeable Headbands 3

I made four bands—one of each color in the 0-3 month size and one of each color in 3-6 months size.

Interchangeable Headbands 5

And 10 flowers (which can be added to), and thanks to the wonder of snaps…

Interchangeable Headbands 4

I have countless headband possibilities!

2012-09-17 003

I used some flowers I’d made over a year ago and others that I had been sent by a sponsor from Etsy once. Some of them needed to be backed with felt, others needed to have a new snap back added. So I cut out some circles in varying sizes from felt and added half of a snap to each. (I used my Gripper Plier for Snaps that I bought at Joann’s with a  coupon a few years ago and have loved having ever since!)

2012-09-17 005

Then I cut my elastic to the right length and used the other side of the snap to hold the two ends together.

2012-09-17 006

Because I didn’t want the metal back of the snap rubbing or irritating the baby’s head…

2012-09-17 007

I hot glued a small piece of felt over it, and made sure the ends of the elastic were well held together with more hot glue.

Interchangeable Headbands 4

Then I added the snap backs to the flowers.

The Interchangeable Headband at Made it on Monday

And now I have lots of headbands I can change out for her outfits!

(Needing some help with how to make flowers? Check out THIS POST.)

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  1. Cute headbands! I love how you made them interchangeable. =)

  2. That's an awesome idea! I've always wondered if it makes moms of little girls sad when they outgrow their adorable teeny little headbands . . . I guess this way, you wouldn't have to worry about that. I've wanted to get one of those snap tools for a while, they seem so handy. I'm excited for little Reese to arrive! Good luck in these upcoming weeks, I'll be thinking of you both :-)

  3. I love the way you made them interchangable! I've seen the flowers on alligator clips but I like how these can't irritate the baby.

  4. This is such a great idea. I am a currently taking an English class and we are working with blogs. I am following Someday Crafts, congratulations for making it on their blog. This is definitely an idea I will keep in mind if I ever have a girl.


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