Tuesday, October 9, 2012

A Sentimental Gift

2012-03-22 036

My sweet grandpa turned 90 the other day. While planning out a gift for him, my mom wanted us to come up with something sentimental. Considering our family is located in Oregon, Texas and Maryland right now, it had to be something we didn’t need to all be present for. We each wrote up a note to him about our favorite memories with him, the little kids drew pictures, and my dad (his son) made a list of 90 memories.

2012-10-01 002

I took all the messages and put them together into a book using Microsoft Publisher. I used digital scrapbook papers for the cover. The book is 6x11”.

2012-10-01 004

Copy and pasted the notes and list, and ordered the book from oldest to youngest by family—My dad, mom, older brother, his wife and kids, me, and then younger brothers.

2012-10-01 013

The great-grandkids drew pictures and I scanned them in and added them to the book.

2012-10-01 014

Jace figured out how to draw circles the other day and was very proud of his “purple oranges”. We had the book printed, cut and coiled at Staples and love the way it turned out!

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  1. That is really cool! And what a fun gift that would be to receive. Love how you organized it. =)


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