Thursday, October 18, 2012

Baby Pics, Photo Editing & A Crochet Cocoon

Wow! How’s that for a title? We’re settling into life as a family of four over here and I’m loving it! My mom came to stay a month before Reese’s due date (she lives in Maryland and my dad had some out of country business trips planned, so she figured why not make sure she would be here in time for the birth?) and then for a week after she was born. It was so nice having all of her help—she made sure my house was clean from the baseboards to the laundry to the bathrooms, understood Jace’s routine and was just great company to have around. Since my parents moved across the country from me six and a half years ago I’ve missed her physical closeness, so several weeks of her in my home was wonderful.

2012-10-10 066

I have been looking forward to taking pictures of Reese since I did my tutorial on knock off professional infant photos. I love the look of sleeping babies all curled up in cocoons and wraps and decided to crochet one of my own. I had some chunky, really soft yarn from last Christmas that I knew would be perfect. I was too cheap to buy a pattern, so I kind of made one up. I’d love to share it with you, but my crochet knowledge just isn’t strong enough. I used a large hook and followed the pattern for the Time Out Cowl I made for Rachel’s Crochet Along last year. It would have been great—except my daughter (the one who was seriously sleeping 22 hours a day and almost impossible to wake up) decided to be wide awake and alert for her photo shoot. And she thought it would be fun to showcase her stretching skills. So the intended adorable curled up ball turned into a stretched out cocoon that she stretched out and kept pulling off… And then she got cranky.

2012-10-13 006

So that night I made a new cocoon—this time I just started it like a hat at the base of it, and worked it out using a double crochet until it was as big around as I wanted and then kept going until it was the right length. I did a single crochet in pink around the top because she’s a girl and I’m loving the pink!

2012-10-13 001

For the second photo shoot she managed to stay asleep a little longer.

2012-10-10 106

I followed my tips from the previous tutorial, but this time used large pillows and a couch cushion instead of the boppy pillow. I liked how they worked a lot.

before and after

I thought I’d show you what a little novice light editing and rotating can do for a picture. I use iPiccy for my photo editing. Shelly, at House of Smiths, did a great mini tutorial for adjusting the lighting in just portions of a photo, and I’ve used her tips over and over since then and love the results! You can find it HERE. Cheri, at I am Momma Hear Me Roar, has some video tutorials found HERE for editing in iPiccy as well. I’d highly suggest checking both of these posts out.

2012-10-13 013

Before taking the pictures I looked at so many newborn pics online—especially in the Facebook albums of a local photographer that I love (check them out HERE). I studied the angles of the final shots (and realized a lot were probably either rotated while taking the picture or in the editing stages), what she focused on, and especially paid attention to the non-straight-on-face-shots. I love that my mom suggested I get a shot of her hair.

2012-10-13 035

Reese especially loved the softness of the cuddle fabric I laid her on. I also tried using some ruffle fabric, but didn’t get any shots worth sharing. I had a pile of hats, headbands, and her blanket all beside me and tried different looks and wraps. And then I just kept snapping pictures, hoping there would be some winners in the bunch. In the end, I had over 200 photos to weed through, and ended up with just 13 that I thought were worth editing.

2012-10-13 089

We ended the shoot with big brother, who absolutely adores his sister. He was precious and adorable and LOVED being a part of this with his sister. She wasn’t such a fan. I’m getting this one printed and framing it because it makes me happy.

As a final note: I took these pictures when Reese was 5 and 7 days old. The photographer I referenced recommends babies be between 5 and 10 days “new” when she does their newborn shoots, so I went with that as a recommended guideline for her age.

Thanks so much for stopping by! Hopefully I’ll be back soon with Halloween costumes for my little pumpkins… hint, hint.

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  1. Awww...such sweet memories! So glad I was there for all of this! Lovin' all her hair!!! And I adore the one with Jace and her funny face, too!

  2. Oh Jill, she is so beautiful! You did a great job with her photos. I love the wraps!

  3. Amazing Pics, beautiful memories. Congratulations on a beautiful baby girl.


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