Wednesday, October 31, 2012

My Little Pumpkins

Happy Halloween! I’ve been enjoying a bit of a blogging break as I enjoy both my babies and settle into this mommy-of-two thing.

2012-10-31 077

 Ever since seeing THIS PIN weeks before Reese was born, I knew she was going to be a pumpkin for Halloween. And without any better ideas coming to mind for Jace, it was decided he’d be a pumpkin too. He didn’t object—he’s been LOVING pumpkins this fall season. We have three on our front porch and every time we leave the house or come home he says, “Bye punkins!” or “Hi punkins!”

2012-10-31 004

Reese’s costume was very simple—I crocheted her a hat with orange yarn and a green yarn center with a stem coming out of it, made a tutu with two shades of orange tulle, and glued some orange ric-rac around the neckline of a white onesie. She needed something on bottom and her polka-dot leggings were perfect. 

2012-10-31 086

For Jace’s costume I picked up a Simplicity pattern, but only used it for the pattern pieces. The assembly was simple (especially since I wasn’t sewing with a pregnant belly!) and I put a bunch of stuffing between the outer and lining layers. I wasn’t going to do the jack-o-lantern face at first, but Nolan pointed out he kind of looked like an orange blob without it (and a coworker of his said Jace could easily be a traffic cone). So I quickly cut out the face pieces and glued them on (and now need to glue them on again better). His hat was crocheted the same way as Reese’s. 

2012-10-31 071

I love my little pumpkins!

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  1. These are the cutest little pumpkins ever! :)

    -Ash P


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