Thursday, November 8, 2012

Framed Embellished Glass {Tutorial}

framed embellished glass


I feel like October flew by and November is going to go even faster. I have a fun décor project in the works, and it will beautifully showcase seasonal art pieces. So when I was given the opportunity to try out some Martha Stewart Paints, I knew I had to make something that would help get me ahead for Christmas decorating.


2012-11-07 004


I started out with the adhesive stencils, various glass and multi-surface paints, paint brushes and squeegees from Martha Stewart Crafts, cheap frames and some craft paper.


2012-11-07 006


The adhesive stencils act as silk screens, a crafting method I hadn’t used before. So I tested them out on the paper to make sure I had the hang of it before moving onto embellishing the glass from my picture frames. It was so easy to use I really didn’t need a trial run! You just stick your stencil to the surface, put some paint on the stencil, and pull the paint across the space with the squeegee. You can see how cleanly and crisply the line came out on the “O”.


2012-11-07 011


My next step was stenciling snow flakes on the glass with the “frost” glass paint. Once again, I simply placed the stencils where I wanted them and pulled the paint across the stencil. I love how this color was faint and left a frosted affect… hmmm… guess the name for the color was fitting.


2012-11-07 027


After stenciling the letters on the glass as well, I thought they needed to make a stronger statement, so I went over the letters using the tip on the glass paints and it created a puff-paint affect.


2012-11-07 007


If you’re using a paint that doesn’t come with a fine tip on it, you could use these great tip caps.


2012-11-07 025 (2)


A also did little dots on different points of the snowflakes using the frost with the tipped cap, and some little green dots at the empty corners. Finally, I slipped some green patterned scrapbook paper in the frame itself, and had just the art I was hoping for.


2012-11-07 015


I loved how simple these products were to work with. And Reese proved to be a true test of their simplicity since I had to take plenty of breaks to comfort her little one-month-old fussiness while working on them. I can’t wait to decorate my house for Christmas, but until then, it makes me smile to look at these frames sitting on my entertainment center.


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  1. Those are so pretty! I thought it was embroidery underneath the frame at first... I love it. =)

  2. Very nice work! I also thought it was embroidery- that paper worked perfectly! Fun project!

  3. THis looks fabulous! Even though are projects were kind of similar, they are also very different, which is fun to see!



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