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Two Crafty Baby Shower Activities {Free Printable!}

2 Crafty Baby Shower Activities with Free Printable


activity 1


I love baby showers and celebrating a sweet new life. I don’t like the typical shower games though. I’m just not a fan of smelling melted chocolate in diapers or tasting baby food. Call me crazy. So when a friend of mine and I were planning a baby shower, I thought it would be fun to do a little craft as our activity.


Onesie Labels


I love baby pictures taken each month of the baby’s first year where they’re wearing a onesie with how many months they are labeled on it. A friend of mine used her embroidery machine to make them for Reese (you can see how adorable she is in her one month pictures HERE). I’ve also seen the simpler option of stickers to just be put on the onesie for the photos.


2012-10-26 005


Since my friend’s first baby was ahead on sizes as a baby, I didn’t want to worry about the sizes being off for her pictures, so we went the sticker route. I designed a sticker for each month (download the PDF for free HERE. This is for personal use only. These labels cannot be printed and used for resale or else they will violate copyright laws on the fonts) and printed them on 8.5 x 11” mailing label sheets. Typically, the sets of onesies/stickers I’ve seen are just for months 1-12, but I think it’s fun to have a picture of them right after they’re born to help see the full progression of their growth, so I added a “Brand New” label. Then I cut out each sticker, collected a bunch of ric rac, ribbons, glue and gel pens and put the supplies in mason jars to add a little bit of cuteness.


2012-10-26 010


The ladies at the shower then decorated the stickers instead of playing a game. I had made up a few samples (as seen in the bottom right corner of the top picture) to help inspire them. It was so fun to see how each lady decorated the labels.


Activity 2


2012-08-24 009


Back in August my sister-in-law and two of my friends gave me a shower for Reese. My SIL knows me well and knows my distaste for typical shower games, and planned a really fun craft/gift to be done at the shower. She picked up square 26 square blocks at a local craft store, painted them with colors I used in Reese’s nursery, and stamped them to turn them into ABC blocks. Then at the shower she set them out with some other cute stamps…


2012-08-24 010


…as well as several sharpies/permanent pens. Then during the shower the ladies got to pick a block and write a little note to Reese on it and decorate it with the other stamps if they wanted to. She also redecorated the box you see above, Mod Podging hymn sheet music (she chose songs that referenced birds/wings/flying), and painted a few birds cut from Mod Podge to match the blocks.


2012-08-24 020


After the shower she finished up any left over blocks and sealed them, and put them in the box she had decorated. They’ll sit nicely in her nursery, and when she’s old enough she’ll be able to play with a toy that was specially made just for her, full of messages of love and blessings.


How about you? Are you a fan of typical shower games (if you are, that’s awesome!) or do you like alternative activities as well? What’s the most fun thing you’ve done at a baby shower?


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  1. We had a baby shower last night for a friend. It was a surprise...which was awesome, and a girl froze little plastic tiny babies in the bottom of clear cups in some ice. You filled your drink up like normal and whenever your baby came free from the ice, you yelled "My water broke!" Honestly, it was hysterical... my baby never quite came unfrozen, so I guess I'm bound to c-cections for life! haha

  2. I'm not.a big fan of typical baby shower activities, either. Doing crafty things that can later be useful and cute is such a good idea! I don't know of any upcoming showers but I'm definitely going to keep this in mind :)

    The comment above by Vanessa sounds like fun too!

  3. I love the block idea! So just curious did you guys leave one side of the block open or messages and stamp ideas and the other three are letters? Just curious, I would lvoe to borrow this idea to use at my cousins baby shower! :) Thanks


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