Sunday, December 30, 2012

A little bit of this, a little bit of that…

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and are excited for the New Year! We loved our time as a little family and with our extended family. I have been enjoying seeing so many bloggers post their “Top __” posts. But when I started looking back at what I created over the past 12 months I found lots of gaps thanks to pregnancy and a new baby. I was feeling like I’ve done so little beyond enjoying the daily mommy moments (which are a great use of my time!) until I was looking back through pictures on my phone and realized I’ve actually done a lot of creating, or used a lot of what I’ve created, over the last three months! So here you have it, a little of this, a little of that, phone pic style!


2012-10-23 06.46.12(1)


This was my nightly view during Reese’s feedings. I have absolutely LOVED spending time in her room. I think the best reason for making your baby’s nursery a space you love is so you don’t mind being in it at the awful hours of the night. On a side note, I got really familiar with those awful hours for a few weeks when Reese decided her ideal bedtime was between 2 and 3 am. Since then I’ve become that spoiled mom that everyone else hates because Baby Girl now is in bed by midnight and doesn’t wake up (not even to eat) until almost 9 am. You can see more about Reese’s nursery HERE.




I love this picture of my little boy. Jace found a piece of chalk in some art supplies one day and immediately went to the chalkboard on my GALLERY WALL, pushed his car garage toy under it to use as a stool, and drew and drew and drew!




I once again made the PERFECT PIE CRUST, this time for a caramel apple pie for Thanksgiving with Nolan’s family. I would have loved to fill it with my favorite chocolate cream pie, but sadly, Reese doesn’t like it when I eat chocolate. Or coffee. Or caffeine. Or dark colored soda. Or… we’re still working on the list.




All that sensitivity leads me to loving and utilizing THE PERFECT BURP RAG a lot. Anytime she’s laying down she has one under her head. Any time she’s held one is on your shoulder. She is a spitter. Her hair is in a constant state of crustiness and her neck is stinky. But I still love her. I guess I’m just doomed to babies who spew.




A friend got married in November and I didn’t really have anything that fit well to wear, so I used some ruffle fabric and made a cute tunic dress. One of these days I’ll get a better picture of it than this and show it to you.




For her first two months Reese was only happy while being held. So I’ve spent a lot of time with yarn crocheting. I made these adorable boots for Reese using THIS PATTERN that I bought. It was more than worth the $5.50 I paid for it. I think I need to make a pair in every color.




And as you can see, Reese likes wearing them and they stand up to her constant kicking test.




This picture has nothing to do with anything I made aside from the little boy. Jace did this three times in one day, each time with his eyes closed. He told me he was sleeping. I call it planking two-year-old style.




The other day Jace was watching Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood (I love that show!) and they made strawberry pancakes in the episode. So guess what we had to have for breakfast?




And finally, Reese loves sleeping in her crib. Her favorite part is the BUMPER. If she’s awake, she’s staring at it. If she’s asleep, she scoots toward it while sucking her thumb. Don’t worry, I know about suffocation hazards and bumpers. She also loves the BIRDS hanging over her changing table and the flowers on her MOBILE. She smiles at them and tells them stories.


2012-12-16 005 (1018x1024)


And finally, the thing I’ve made the most of lately has been over 120 infinity scarves to sell in my SHOP. It was pretty exciting to know that my little business was able to pay for all of our Christmas gifts this year. I’m getting pretty excited about adding some new items to the inventory in the next month—specifically the Soft and Comfy Big Bow Headband (yes Samantha!), crochet boot cuffs and some more burlap table runners. I’m also playing with a few other ideas, but those are the two that I know I could make ahead of time easily so they’re ready to ship when ordered. Oh, and a tip for those of you who want to do a crafting business where you sell what you make but are worried about the stress level around the holidays? Don’t do made to order items. Create your inventory, list it, and then all you have to do for each sale is package it. I know there’s the risk of making something that won’t sell, but not having to worry about whether or not you’re able to make things as they’re bought is so worth it! At least, that’s the way I like to do my business, and it didn’t make my holiday season more stressful.


So that’s a glimpse into our life lately. I hope you have a wonderful time celebrating the new year and that 2013 is full of blessings!


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  1. She is so sweet!!! If we end up adopting a baby girl... I must have you make her some boots! :) lol Those are to die for adorable!

  2. Love this update post! I might have to buy that boot pattern too cute! So excited that the bows are coming to your shop *squeal*

    And it is too bad we live on opposite sides of the country because I do believe our boys and girls could be besties oh and us too ;)

  3. Planking, two year old style... I love it! And Reese is adorable! You've created a lot of lovely things this year. I particularly love that nursery... I wouldn't mind waking up so much at night if I had a pretty place like that to sit. =)

  4. Audrey has those same pink jammies with the monkeys! They were a hand-me-down from one of her older cousins. So cute!

  5. Thanks for sharing that bit of business advise.

  6. oh my gosh that planking sleeping picture is absolutely hysterical!


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