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Simple Sparkle Top Tutorial

Simple Sparkle Top Tutorial at Made it on Monday


We’re dedicating Reese at our church this Saturday evening, and Jace and Reese have adorable coordinated Christmas outfits to wear. My post-baby-body options were pretty limited, so when I saw this black, sheer, sequined fabric at Joann’s for 50% off, I knew I had to make myself a top so I could look nice with them. It was so simple to pull together and took, at most, an hour to make.


Simple Sparkle Top 2


I wanted to make sure it would be easy to slip on and off, and didn’t want to worry about buttons, zippers or anything else to ensure a nice fit, so I made the back with knit from a maternity skirt I cut up. Plus, I like the contrast.


simple sparkle top styled


While I like the way it looks all by itself, I know I’d freeze in our church without a sweater on. I LOVE the way this mustard cardigan looks with it. I played around with it belted, too, and clipped a gray leather bow from Stacy’s Bow Envy on the ribbon I tied around my waist. I took a few pictures with my phone along the way, just in case you want to make one too.




I used a top from Quincee’s Boutique as my pattern. I like the shape and sleeves so it made the perfect pattern. If you’re trying to figure out which top from your wardrobe to pick, choose one that has some shape but fits loosely, preferably one that either isn’t stretchy or only has a small amount of stretch to it, that way your sparkle fabric will sit well.




For the back I cut up a maternity skirt that was a hand-me-down when I was pregnant with Jace, but I never wore it during either of my pregnancies. It was the perfect fabric for this shirt because it was light weight with a little bit of a sheen to it, which non of the knits at Joann’s had.



I used the front piece I cut out as the pattern, but made the back considerably smaller (as seen above) because I wanted it to fit more closely.



The knit fabric wasn’t as long as the front, so I also cut a piece of lace from the skirt to put around the hem.




Then I sewed the lace to the back, then the back and front together (right sides together) at the shoulders and then sides. I used my serger so it went really quickly, but you can also use your regular machine. See THIS post for tips on sewing with knits. The lace/sequin fabric doesn’t really fray, but I wanted to finish the edges to help keep the dressiness factor for the shirt, so I serged around the arms, neck and hemline. You could easily add bias tape or do a double fold and stitch to finish things off.


Simple Sparkle Top 3


I paired it with a black tank top, but it would be fun to play with different color tops under it. And I LOVE the way it turned out. I’m thinking I should try this style with a few other fabrics I’ve bought but haven’t used yet because I didn’t want to put the effort in to make it fit well without using buttons/zippers, etc. I love the contrast, similar to color blocking, of dressy or sheer in the front and casual knit in the back. Kinda like a mullet?


simple sparkle top styled with cardigan and belt


Just another shot to give you a close up look at the sequin pattern and the adorable leather bow that I love. (And, in case you were wondering, I bought the bow. It was not provided for review. I just liked it so much I had to share it with you.)


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  1. What a great idea! Pinning this to make next year!

  2. Love this top! Just the right amount of glitz. And it looks so cute with the sweater + belt combo as well. Great job, you look wonderful!

  3. Cutie tootie! And look how long your hair has gotten!! =)

  4. this is gorgeous! and looks great worn with the cardi too :)

  5. I've always loved your style ãήϑ admired your creativity from afar. First saw your work at ãήϑ was thrilled knowing your husband ãήϑ I share same profession tho am reconsidering my option from my love for site work to office based aspect of it as I will soon be a mom. Your styles are incredible to me ãήϑ there's always this thing that draws me closer each time I visit here which I believe to be the spirit within you. Thanks for the free patterns. Remain blessed

  6. this is darling and it looks perfect on you. I've got some similar fabric I think I need to do this with that. thanks for the great idea.

  7. Wow! You did a great job. Love the way you repurposed that old maternity skirt.


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