Saturday, December 1, 2012

Some Christmas Miscellany

We kicked off the first of December in our family by setting up the nativity scene. I love that this year Jace is old enough to get excited about everything and understand what we’re doing.


2012-12-01 018


I’ll be back later this week to share some fun family traditions my family had growing up and how I’m continuing them with my own family.


2012-11-27 006


The other day Jace and I went over to our friends’ house and decorated gingerbread houses. Jace decorated a bit, but mostly had fun eating the candy.


After last week’s round up of homemade gift ideas (found HERE), I had fun looking back at other past Christmas posts and thought I’d remind you of a few of them.


2011-12-09 110


Last year I coordinated the crafts for a Christmas Girls Night Out at my church. We had a photo booth (a group of our high school girls that came seen above), cookie decorating, and several craft options.


2011-12-09 077


It was a lot of fun and you can read about what we made as well as find links to the inspirations for our crafts HERE.


tree 4


Even though we set up our tree a week ago, I have yet to decorate the rest of the house. Looking back at how I decorated last year motivates me to finish things up soon.


2010-12-09 001


Do you have crazy pets or children and worry about keeping your tree up right? I shared in THIS POST how we use weights to keep our tree standing. This tip was even featured in Reader’s Digest last year!




And finally, I can’t wait to make tree breads again this year! THIS POST has been my most viewed/pinned post, which I love because it’s probably one of my most special projects that I do each year.


I did get back into making some clothes for myself this week too! I made a {literally} 2 minute skirt, and 5 minute dress/tunic. I’ll share them as soon as I get pictures taken of them.


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