Saturday, December 22, 2012

Sugar Cookie Sandwiches {Great last minute Christmas treat!}

Sugar Cookie Sandwiches at Made it on Monday


I was all set and excited to make sugar cookies with Jace the other day and then realized that I don’t have any Christmas cookie cutters. I was pretty happy when I remembered that my mom gave me a cookie press last year.


sugar cookie sandwiches


I made a batch of cookie dough using THIS recipe (and it is now officially my favorite recipe ever). I didn’t chill my dough at all, just rolled it into a log like the cookie press instructions said, and started clicking away. I even had a little helper at one point.


2012-12-20 001


The press made things go so quickly! I remember my mom’s press being really difficult to use when I was growing up, but this one was so easy. Seriously, one click equals one cookie. I just held the press to the cookie sheet with one hand, clicked with the other, lifted and repeated. I clicked out an entire batch of dough, four cookie sheets worth, in a matter of minutes. After they all baked and cooled (also quickly since the cookies were small), I realized I didn’t want to frost them like typical sugar cookies since half the fun of these is in the design. But I also don’t enjoy the cookies without frosting. So cookie sandwiches was the perfect solution. Just smeared some frosting (using THIS recipe that I also LOVE) on one, topped it with another and then rolled it in sugar sprinkles. Again, this was so fast since I didn’t have to worry about how pretty the frosting looked.


2012-12-22 013


I whipped these out so quickly and they tasted amazing! We took a plate to Nolan’s office, and another one to the mail store where I send off my shop orders. I was left with a lot of frosting, so I made another batch of cookies and have been munching on them ever since. I think I might make some more to give out to friends at church this weekend.


Thanks for stopping by and I hope all your Christmas preparations are going well!


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  1. I LOVE my cookie press! Although my favorite cookies to make with it aren't sugar cookies, but butter spritz cookies. These look so yummy! I've never done frosting in the middle, but Nutella in the middle is delicious. =)

  2. I LOVE sugar cookies. Like LOVELOVELOVE them. Those would never last at my house. :)
    Also, little miss Reece is ADORABLE- just thought I'd tell you. :)


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