Wednesday, February 13, 2013

A few of my favorite things…

I spent some well-needed time sewing the other day. I’m realizing just how therapeutic the creative process is for me, and some pink, ruffles, and simple baby girl dresses did just the trick. I just need to sew some buttons on and then I’ll share them with you! In the mean time, I thought I’d share some of what I’ve been enjoying lately…


This summer my mom gave me an early “stocking stuffer” and surprised me with a Gel Nail Polish starter kit from Ulta. I’ve loved having it. The polish only lasts a week on my nails before starting to peel/chip, but that’s way better than the [at most] 12 hours regular polish lasts for me. I’ve found that I can have fun with more colors by doing the structure and brilliance coats followed by regular polish and topped with another coat of brilliance. Today I’m wearing Sand Tropez by Essie with a bright pink heart on the ring finger nail. I like pretty nails.


I’m very confident Reese has reflux (Jace did too as a baby) and her poor little tummy just can’t handle it if I have dairy, chocolate, coffee, pop, or too much tomato based food. So my diet has become pretty depressing. That was, until my mom discovered that Golden Oreos are chocolate and dairy free! I struggled with my first cookie because what I really wanted was a chocolate Oreo. But since then I have fallen in love with this treat. I may have even sent Nolan to Walmart just for them the other day.

2013-02-07 038 (533x800)

I haven’t really jumped on the chevron boat for my own wardrobe, but after I made THIS scarf for my shop with coral and white chevron and solid coral on the other side, I had to keep one for myself. The jersey knit is super soft and light weight, so I love wearing it.

the macs

I don’t remember when I started following along with The Macs blog, but I absolutely love it when Jess shares from her heart. Their family has been honoring the heaven anniversary of their baby girl, Cora, this week and her words have truly pulled at my heart’s strings.


Reese’s right thumb is one of my absolute favorite things these days. Aside from how adorable she looks when she sucks it (note the pointer finger curved around her nose), it has brought us some beautiful sleep! Once she finally mastered sucking it a little over a month ago we all started sleeping through the night. She forgot about it for two weeks while sick in January, but has rediscovered it since then. Thanks to this thumb, she will sleep for 11 hours straight at night!

motorola monitor

And while she’s sleeping I get to watch her cuteness via our video baby monitor. Nolan got me one when Jace was just a few weeks old and I would panic every night when I didn’t hear anything over the audio-only one we had. Being able to see him brought me some relief. Since then, we’ve loved it for being able to gauge if Jace actually needed us to get him when he cried (if he was laying down he’d go back to sleep, sitting up we needed to go rock him), it helped with knowing when he was getting out of bed when moving up to the big boy bed, and now with Reese we have a camera on each child. I love that the Motorola has some extra features like telling you the temperature in the baby’s room and you can talk to the kid through it (great for telling Jace to get back in bed).

And I think my most favorite thing is being mommy to my kids. I was working on scarves the other day and Jace insisted I wear his police hat.

How about you? What are your favorite things these days?

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  1. Such cute kiddos! Love the thumb sucking. Audrey does it too and it melts my heart. It also serves as a great "I'm tired" indicator!


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