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Police Birthday Party

Police Birthday Party

Jace turned three this weekend and we had so much fun celebrating his birthday! A while back I started asking what kind of party he wanted and the response was always, “A square cake with frosting.” His favorite things these days are trains, fire trucks, tractors and Dora, so I would have thought we’d end up with something along those lines. But after suggesting a fire truck party he said, “A police car party!” And that’s what he stuck with.

Police Birthday Party Invite

Thankfully Pinterest quickly connected me with a few bloggers whose sons also love to celebrate law enforcement style and I had my inspiration. I designed the invitations using Publisher and had them printed as photos at Costco.

2013-02-01 032

For the past two birthdays (1 & 2) I’ve made Jace a special shirt to wear for his party, so this year was no exception. I used my Silhouette to cut out a stencil from freezer paper and painted a police car on a Garanimals shirt.

2013-02-01 034

My favorite part of the shirt is the lights because I used glitter paint for them. When I showed Jace the shirt, he instantly touched them. So he must have liked the sparkle too.

2013-02-01 037

The proud birthday boy wearing his shirt.

2013-02-01 067

We later realized that when Jace was saying he wanted a police car party, he really meant he wanted a police car cake. (I guess the rest didn’t really matter to him?) I started out looking at the Wilton car cake molds, but read a review that said you’d be better off just putting a square cake on top of a rectangle cake. How simple and affordable! I dressed up a box cake mix (recipe HERE) and made my favorite buttercream frosting (recipe HERE), and portioned out amounts of frosting to color for the detail work and then used an entire jar of black food coloring for the majority of the car.

2013-02-01 073

It wasn’t until about 10 pm the night before the party and I was almost finished decorating the cake when I realized I didn’t have any red food coloring. So we improvised and I used two packets of Cherry Limeade Crystal Lite to color the frosting. And we made sure no one tasted it because it was STRONG!

2013-02-01 199

The birthday boy blowing out his candle on the “Police Car Party!”

2013-02-01 074

The favor bags for the cousins who came held a bag of “Cop” Corn and crayons and were sealed with a shield.

2013-02-01 078

I ordered a policeman set candy mold and used it to make crayons for the kiddos. I think this was my favorite project for the whole party because they turned out so cool!

2013-02-01 081

I followed THIS tutorial and template to make police hats for each of the cousins that came and put them on them when they arrived.

2013-02-01 082

I also had little note pads and pens for the kids to use to write “tickets” for everyone. It was pretty cute… they’d walk up to an adult, say, “You’re under arrest” and then have the adult sign a piece of paper and write that they are under arrest.

2013-02-01 085

The decorations were simple but fun. I bought a roll of Crime Scene Tape and taped some to our front door.

2013-02-01 087

A garland of balloons and strips of crime scene tape was hung over the buffet and fireplace. Check out my tip for easy balloon blowing HERE.

2013-02-01 053

We also strung crime scene tape around the fireplace and Jace’s special seat for opening presents.

2013-02-01 090

During the party we played a Cops and Robbers game where the kids had to find the bad guys—ping pong balls with masked faces drawn on them. It was Easter Egg hunt style and the kids had a blast with it—especially since they noticed some of the hidden robbers when they arrived at the party.

2013-02-01 089

Another fun activity was a photo booth. I attached on of the police hats, a mask, and a mustache to skewers for props and had everyone at the party get their picture taken.

Police Birthday Party Photo Booth 

The kids especially had fun with it!

2013-02-01 150

We also had to do a craft! I picked up a pack of wooden stars at Walmart and some glitter glue and the kids got to decorate “badges.”

police party

I loved how much they all got into it, especially my 6 and 8 year old nephews.

2013-02-01 117

We had the party at 11 am so it would be over in time for naps, so the food was brunch style. The table was decorated with cheap plastic table cloths and a police toy set of Jace’s. We also bought a Police Beacon Light (which Jace called the siren and LOVED) and had it on the table. And I may have had to turn the light on every day since… We served broccoli quiche, breakfast bake, fruit, muffins and…

2013-02-01 119

…what police party would be complete without donuts?

2013-02-01 094

It was so much fun celebrating our fun, crazy, silly, smart, creative, stubborn little boy!

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  1. So much fun. Nice work. I had fun just reading about your party. (Did everyone have black teeth after eating that cake?)

  2. Three things: 1) Super cute party!! 2) I was just thinking today that I haven't seen a post from you in a while - nice to "see" you! and 3) Who is that big boy & what did you do with your toddler??? They grow up too fast!

  3. This is a really cute party! And shaped cakes like that are a lot of work... good job! Happy birthday Jace!

  4. I've never seen this idea for a party theme -- it's fantastic! How fun! (Ventured here from Train to Crazy.)

  5. Jill, I love this party. I love parties where you go with the kid-suggested-idea. You thought of EVERYTHING- games, a photobooth, activities, donuts. Did I mention that I love this?

  6. I love this--we are actually planning a Police Party for my youngest. do you have a file that you would be willing to share for the "ticket/sheild" label you used for the ticket books. thanks so much :)


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