Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Kitchen Progress

As I mentioned in THIS POST we’re doing a bit of an overhaul on our downstairs. I’m pretty excited to say this is one of those times where we’re actually doing as opposed to dreaming. After a day of [what felt like] a lot of spending and bringing home at least 8 gallons of paint and primer, we spent the weekend re-doing our kitchen counters!

2013-02-28 008

We went from this…

2013-03-01 002

…To this…

2013-03-02 009

…To this…

2013-03-02 030

…To this…

2013-03-05 021

…To this! I’ll share all the specifics of refinishing our counters later. I was going to take pretty pictures of everything put back together. But then nap time didn’t happen like I hoped it would. And then we took all the cupboard doors of and started prepping them for painting. Tonight we’ll prime them and then tomorrow night make them a pretty, bright white. And then we’ll paint the walls. And all the walls in all of our downstairs. And then we’ll install the floors. I feel like we’re going to be in project mode for at least a month. But I’m LOVING it!

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