Friday, March 22, 2013

Pinned Food that I Love

I was about to say that I feel like I’ve been working on my kitchen for three weeks straight, and then I realized I feel that way because we have been working on the kitchen for three weeks straight.


We are officially done with phase one of what will feel like a never ending project. The counters are refinished, cupboards painted and hardware installed and oh how I love it! I can’t wait to show it to you, but that will mean that I need to actually clean my kitchen. Perhaps tomorrow?


We’re taking it easy this weekend (and it feels strange to take some time off) and next week we’ll start painting our entire downstairs, vaulted entry way, staircase and upstairs hall because they’re all connected.

And even though we’ve eaten out more than usual this month thanks to all the projects, I have baked and cooked a little here and there. These are all recipes I found thanks to Pinterest, and they’ve all been in fairly regular rotation at our house. Follow along with the recipes I think I’d like HERE.

This Korean Beef recipe is super simple to make and I almost always have ground beef on hand, so it’s the perfect go-to recipe when I’m short on inspiration/motivation/time.

I made this sweet and sour chicken and fried rice again tonight and I love it every time! Other times I’ve made just the chicken and serve it over white rice. Delicious either way and it makes a good leftover.

I first tried out this cake recipe when Reese couldn’t handle me having chocolate. I then made it three or four times in one month. And I took it to a Christmas party where the recipe was requested by everyone who had it. And we had it for dessert on Christmas and Nolan’s birthday. Yeah. We like it that much. Unfortunately for me now, though, Reese can handle chocolate again (yay reflux meds!) but not dairy… and there’s butter and evaporated milk in it. But you can pretend it’s healthy since it has oatmeal in it too.

Also during the no chocolate phase but before no dairy, I fell in love with this recipe. I may have celebrated the loss of 5 pounds by eating almost an entire pan of these sugar cookie bars. Be very careful to not let them over bake. Mine never really turned golden, so the first batch I baked were a little dryer than I like. So I made them a few more times just to be sure I had the timing right. I also topped them with THIS buttercream frosting.

Mmmm… this is making me want things I can’t eat. Oh how I look forward to the day when I can drink a glass of milk and smear butter on something without knowing I’ll hurt my baby’s tummy because of it.

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  1. Yum, these look delicious! I think I'll add the Korean Beef to my menu for next week. And I can't wait to see more of your kitchen--the little glimpses look beautiful!


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