Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Life Lately

Um, so I didn’t mean to go almost an entire month between posts! So I thought maybe I should pop in here to say hi, see how all of you are doing, and share a little bit of what I’ve been up to. Last time you heard from me I shared how I painted my cabinets. I keep meaning to share a full kitchen reveal with you because I did paint the walls and decorated above the cabinets (with a few new signs that I LOVE)… but that would require some finished product pictures. And that would require a clean kitchen. Oops! Did I just admit that my kitchen has not been completely clean in almost a month?




This past weekend we continued painting and finished the walls in the dining room. Here’s a little dose of reality—when we’re in project mode, my house is a DISASTER. I am absolutely LOVING our new wall color though! I’m feeling pretty motivated to get cleaned things up because my mom will be here in two days. So you can realistically expect some reveal pictures soon.




I painted our buffet. You can see what it looked like before in THIS post. This picture doesn’t show the true color. I used a DIY chalk paint recipe and then waxed it loved that process!




In fact, I loved it so much I then painted our barstools too. I just need to finish sanding them and waxing them (what I’ll be doing after I hit publish on this post), and they’ll be done as well. I’ll share all the details with you soon. I’m going to paint our entry way buffet black using the same technique. Wow, I bought that buffet over two years ago and am just now getting around to painting it…




And when I’m not working on a project, and clearly not blogging, I’m having a lot of fun with my babies. This little girl is just too much fun to want to put down most of the time.




And we’ve done some carousel riding as well.


bear one another's burdens


I’ve also done some pondering and praying that lead to some writing on my devotional blog, Satisfied with Adequate. My recent posts are about feeling heavy hearted, finding contentment, delighting in creation, and how easily we condemn ourselves.


And one of my biggest distractions? Reading. I LOVE the Kindle ap on my iPad. I can’t even begin to guess how many books I have read this year already. And most of them have been free. I love a well written book, especially when it’s a beautiful story. Most of what I read is Christian fiction. I follow Christian Ebooks Today and Inspired Reads for links to the latest free or greatly discounted books. I’ve gotten pretty good at judging books by their covers/descriptions, so I only download about 25% of what is offered, and then only half of those probably capture my heart. But still, that’s not bad for a free book!


So how have you been? What’s been going on in your life?


Thanks for stopping by!

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