Sunday, July 7, 2013

Painted Storage Crates

The end is insight for our major downstairs makeover! We’ve resurfaced our kitchen countertops, painted the cabinets, put finishing touches on the kitchen and repainted some furniture. Nolan, his dad and a friend spent the weekend installing new laminate floors (I can’t wait until they’re finished so I can show you because they are beautiful!), and I spent the last week doing some small projects to help improve the look of our space while staying functional.

Painted Storage Crates @ Made it on Monday

We have a few trouble spots for messes in our home (although if I’m being honest I really should say our entire house is a trouble spot for messes). The space above the fridge has been a disorganized jumble of paper plates, cutlery, napkins and anything else I happen to throw up there; Reese’s toys overflowed from their basket making cleaning them up a balanced pyramid building exercise; Jace’s book were out of control and with way too many to fit in the basket we’ve been using.

Painted Storage Crates @ Made it on Monday

I picked up THESE wooden crates from Joann’s. I painted two with Blue Denim by Behr (also used on THIS project) and then glazed them to make them look a little older. I didn’t have any sandpaper handy, so no distressing. I sealed them up using wax.

Painted Storage Crates @ Made it on Monday

The third I used chalkboard paint spray paint on to use over the fridge. After it was doing drying/curing I wrote the contents of the crate on the slats and put it above the fridge. I was about the clean the fridge up to make it look nice and pretty, but then figured you might appreciate seeing some of our real life.

Painted Storage Crates @ Made it on Monday

They perfectly hold Reese’s toys and Jace’s books and I love them!

And an instagram (you can follow me HERE) peek at what else I’ve been up to…

ig 1

Our living room somewhat put back together after the floors were in! I love them and can’t wait til we’re finished!

ig 2

Painted this end table with homemade chalk paint (perfected my recipe and will share soon!). You can see the crate of Jace's books under it.

ig 3

Also repainted our buffet in the entry way using the same chalk paint. I LOVE the way it turned out!

ig 4

A preview of some of the pillow covers I sewed.

I can’t wait to share the details of these projects with you. Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Love how it's all coming together! Those crates are fantastic!

  2. Storage Crates are no more wasted, even it can be kept in the living room. Fantastic.

  3. This is really useful to arrange things clearly and get the maximum benefit of available space in our houses. Your idea is great.

  4. Nice furniture set. I like antiques.


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