Friday, August 30, 2013

Well, Hello There!

So I guess I’ve been taking a bit of a blogging break. Taking it easy on here wasn’t planned and it’s not regretted—just a chance to enjoy my summer spring winter year since Reese was born. That’s the beauty of blogging because you enjoy it—you can just keep putting off posting for a while. I’m finding it very hard to believe that it has almost been exactly a year since I revealed Reese’s nursery. How can we be just over a month from her first birthday?

I hope you’ve had a great summer. We’ve had a fun one. I feel like the kids and I really enjoyed our days together. Of course, there were plenty of times where I told Nolan at the end of the day that I think Jace, Reese and I had been spending too much time together.

summer update 3

Since I last stopped in a showed you THESE painted storage crates, our family went on a vacation to California. In 10 days we visited 15 loved ones, took 4 trips to the beach with dear friends, ate at In n Out Burger 3 times, handed Reese countless animal crackers to keep her happy while driving and had two stops for Jace to pee on the side of the road.

summer update 2
(Top picture is me and my dog, Toby, post run one night)

I started Couch to 5K at the beginning of June and fell in love with running (or at least what little of it I did between the walking stretches). The program has been really good for me—I’ve always liked the idea of becoming a runner but haven’t been able to actually become one on my own. A friend of mine and I are doing it simultaneously to hold each other accountable. I even enjoyed running on vacation—which is made more fun when the view is beautiful. Unfortunately for me, my body doesn’t agree with getting in shape and has PROTESTED the whole time. First my knees and now my lower leg. The doctor thinks I have a soft tissue issue under my calf and who knows what on my shin (not shin splints). So now I’m benched until I’m at 100% and I’m missing it so much!!!

summer update 4

Then the kids and I went to Colorado to visit my parents who recently moved to Fort Collins and my brother and his family who moved to Denver. I loved seeing the new “world” of my family and enjoyed the beauty of Colorado. And to make a great trip even better, the kids and I got to meet up with Kirstin from Kojo Designs and her kids at the Denver Zoo. She is even sweeter in real life than she is on her blog! I loved getting to spend time with them!

summer update 1

And since getting back I’ve been motivated to finally finish up several of our on-going downstairs projects. Our kitchen is done (except for needing to change out the cupboard above the fridge now that the floor raised the fridge up a bit), the floors are in, the downstairs is painted and I’m finally putting the finishing touches on our space! I’m excited to show you everything I’ve done.

Jace starts preschool on Tuesday (how is he old enough???) and then Reese’s first birthday is a month away and I have lots to do for it. You can keep up with my day to day life on Instagram HERE, my user name is nolanandjill.

See you back here soon. Thanks for stopping by!